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    Road system

    Originally, MineCove's road system was built on top of an already built up map. This resulted in some odd problems and some fairly creative solutions to resolve them

    For our new map, this road is placed down initially. It goes straight from the center of the map outwards in each compass direction

    • The North Road is Red
    • The East Road is Green
    • The South Road is Blue
    • The West Road is Yellow

    The color coding on these roads exists in the road barrier like so. Additionally, a wall exists to assist in identification if it wasn't readily apparent

    In a nutshell, the highway on MineCove's new map is already completed.

    Now, we know there was a group of players who enjoyed building the road. This time around, instead of building the road itself, players are welcome to build the following for the road:

    • Tunnels
    • Bridges
    • Points of interest

    Please note that you cannot 'own' a section of the road, meaning it will always be a server project.

    Upon completion of a road section, players entering that area will be alerted to your contributions!

    Private roads may be built that connect to the main road, however these do not need to meet any specifications. It would be in your best interests however to build them sensibly!

    Shops on the road

    Along the road you'll find some special shops that buy/sell items or Pokemon cards. Keep an eye out for these!

    Minecove Staff Team!
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    If there are pictures with this, none of them are showing for me. By the way, what are the coords of the roads? I'd like to find one to build on in the new map.