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    New pets are available on survival! Unlike the old pet system where mobs would simply follow you around, these pets now:

    Have an experience system
    An array of skills
    Quite a bit more functionality!

    Pets must now be captured by using a lead. However, pets that can be captured are limited by ABC ranks. Check the ABC rank rooms to see what you are able to capture.

    Let us know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see expanded!

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    Can we transfer pets from Legacy to Survival, and if so, how? TIA
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    Just a few MyPet Commands
    /petinfo : Displays info about a MyPet
    /pettype : Shows info about MyPet types
    /petcall : Calls your pet
    /petsendaway /psa : Send your pet away
    /petstop : Stops your pet from attacking
    /petname : Changes the name of your pet
    /petrelease : Releases your pet
    /petswitch : Allows you to switch between your MyPets
    /petstore : Stores your current pet
    /petskill : Shows the skill-levels
    /petchooseskilltree /petcst : Shows and allows you to choose skilltrees
    /petpickup : Toggles item pickup on or off
    /petbehavior : Selects the behavior of the pet
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    Kind thanks to Sat for setting this up. Here's some additional info, following his format as well ;)

    Pets and what rank they come with:

    G rank : Bat
    H rank : Cow
    I rank : Ocelot
    J rank : Sheep
    K rank : Rabbit
    L rank : Pig
    M rank : Wolf
    N rank : Zombie
    O rank : Skeleton
    Q rank : Allows you to re-name your pet

    R rank : LLama
    S rank : Spider
    U rank : Blaze
    W rank : Donkey
    Y rank : Iron Golem
    Z rank : Chicken

    Now, how to catch a pet. As Satsao has mentioned, you will need a lead to catch a pet.

    You will need to hit the mob in order to catch it. If it is a tamable mob, ensure you tame it first before catching it. You can also level your pets to gain perks and abilities based on the tree you choose.