Minoco Gas Station

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    This is one of my first builds on this server so I hope you like it!
    So when they first introduced the highways I thought that it would be very cool to make a gas station with a convenient store alongside a road.
    This store does not sell actual items but if you guys want it to be, leave down items that I could sell there down in the comment section.
    This gas station is literally on the very first corner of the road system, right by spawn.
    Coordinates: X: 628 Y:493

    2017-06-15_17.19.03.png 2017-06-15_17.18.41.png 2017-06-15_17.19.10.png 2017-06-15_17.19.45.png 2017-06-15_17.21.14.png 2017-06-15_17.21.23.png
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    Nice, looks Awesome!
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