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    I was recently banned today at around 8:00 PM EST. In the message it says, "You have been banned for 18-06-2017 at 20:16 by Satsao from this server for: Xraying , Please Appeal @" I did Xray and I am very sorry about it. I did not know. I just joined the server three days ago because a friend recommended it to me and gave me tools to start. I have already put at least 8 hours into the server even though I am brand new. When I did /rules while in-game, it did not say specifically do not Xray. I have never been to this site and didn't know there was a full list of rules. I will even give up the minerals that I got from using it. I am so, so sorry.

    I would like to be allowed back onto MineCove because I really do enjoy playing on there. Minecove is one of the few servers that doesn't have a toxic community and everyone is nice. I have done nothing wrong and I even recommend others to play on it as well.
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