Spring Cleaning Update!

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Spring Cleaning Update! 

(Following up on the announcement found here)


(Kermit is happy and you should be too!)

Buybuilds are now available!

Check the Wiki for how to submit your /Creative build!

We'll accept Buybuild submissions for the next two weeks only 

After which, we'll step back and assess what might need improving or tweaking

Have fun building!


The original /lottery is back in action and better than ever!

The lottery pot will grow by the following factors:

+10k * the number of players online every four hours

Certain Crates will randomly add to the lottery pot

+10k for each unique player that joins, per day

+100k for every new player that joins


Players who are rank H or above can now /nick themselves!


Players who are rank S or Diamond can now set their own warps with /pwarp set!

Warp owners can password protect, whitelist, lock, and even charge a fee for using their warp

Check out the new /pwarp menu while you're at it - You can see most visited warps, newest warps, rate warps!

Be sure to reserve your warp name soon!

Please discuss these changes in #updates-discussion on our Discord. 

Click the Discussion Ping role in #welcome for access.

The only way we can continue to make the best decisions is with your feedback!

Call for Helpers!

We need Helpers to keep MineCove strong!

Current (Helper) positions we have open:

9x Wiki Helpers (Click to apply!)

8x Creative Server Helpers (Click to apply!)

2x Redstone Helpers (Click to apply!)

Current features still in the workshop being polished:

Events, /Boost, /Heads, BuildATool, /Prizes, /Trails, /Pshops, Fishing, /Disguises, /ABC Warp, /BoardGames, ChatReaction, /Market Stalls, Letter Exchange

Join us on Discord!

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