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Minecraft Version 1.20 - Information!

Get ready, Covians! 

The Trails & Tales update is coming on June 7th! Here's what's going to happen before and after the update

Starting now: We're going to take a break from adding new features to get ready for the update

June 1st: We're going to start accepting build transfers from /Green to /Blue

June 7th: We'll release the 1.20 update making it compatible with your version of Minecraft. You can still play on MineCove, but the 1.20 features won't be available yet

July 7th: We'll close down /Green

Sometime in July or August: We'll finish updating MineCove and add the 1.20 features. We don't know the exact date yet because we need to make sure everything works properly. When it's ready, we'll wipe /Green and turn it into /Pink

If you have any builds on /Green, please read the following! 

We'll delete everything in /Green and make a brand new 1.20 map called /Pink

You'll need to request to transfer your builds off of /Green before July 7th!

From June 1st until July 7th, we'll move any buildings you want from /Green to /Blue

If you have a build on /Green and would like to transfer it to /Blue follow these steps:     

  1. Find a place in /Blue where you want your build to be moved
  2. Make sure it's big enough for your build!    
  3. Go to your build in /Green and /modreq it to be moved to the coordinates you picked in /Blue. Be sure to include the coordinates!  
  4. Be patient! We'll move the buildings throughout the month of June and into July


  • Only buildings that you own will be moved
  • Build transfers can only go from /Green to /Blue 
  • Refund your land claim in /Green and make a new one in /Blue
  • If you're having trouble or can't find a good place, ask a Helper for assistance
  • Your inventory, storage, money, special abilities, and rank will automatically transfer to /Blue

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