PinkTown December Update

SmartKitten88 05 December 2023 23:25 359
Oyuncu - SmartKitten88

Happy december everybody! PinkTown (or at least the idea of pinktown) Is going to be having it's six month anniversary on December 23rd. At the time of posting, thiis is 18 days away. This has been a crazy journey, starting from a little idea I had one day into the hub for chaos, amazing builds, and even more amazing people that it now is. I just wanted to thank you all for helping make this town into the amazing mess (in the best possible way) that it is today. That said, 2023 isn't over yet. A few things to look out for within the next week(s). Starting tomorrow, december 6th, PinkTown's secret santa will begin. (THIS HAS NO RELATION TO WARP SECRETSANTA) There will be hoppers at the pinktown welcome gazebo that will be there until the 11th. Please either put your name in here or DM me on discord. PinkTown Elections: Starting the 26th, Campanigning for PinkTown President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will begin, although voting won't begin until Jan 1st. Myself, Ino, and Justus are allowed to run again. TLDR: You guys are the best \

05 December 2023 23:25
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