June Build Contest

MooMooPaw 19 June 2024 23:28 142
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Forest & Fun 

Location: /creative 

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2024 10:00 PM EDT

Theme 1: Treehouse 


Theme 2: Fountain 

Rules for the Build Contest:

  • Builds must be contained: 1) treehouse-75x75 plot 2) fountain-75x75 plot
  • Builds must adhere to the block restrictions for BuyBuilds 
  • Creative in your use of blocks (Hint: consider a unique biome)
  • Your work must be an original creation
  • Litematica is disallowed
  • If you partner with others, list all partners on the /modreq submission
  • Mark the front center of the completed build with a yellow wool block
  • When complete, submit a /modreq with the name of your build whilst standing on the yellow wool and facing inward, include phrase "For June Build Contest..."

Rewards for the Build Contest: 

Best Overall:

  • 1000 bonus claim blocks
  • 6 spawners
  • 1 custom plushie certificate
  • 6 mystery furniture crates

Other categories - Most Unique, Most Detailed, Coolest Concept, Most Original and I Want to Live In It:

  • 500 bonus claim blocks
  • 3 spawners
  • 1 premium plushie certificate
  • 4 mystery furniture crates

All participants:

  • 100 bonus claim blocks
  • 1 spawner
  • 1 plushie certificate

Build submissions may be used in a future MineCove Event. 

Good luck to all!

19 June 2024 23:28
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