/blue Server Phaseout (Updated 6/14/2024)

MooMooPaw 12 June 2024 10:00 998
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Head's Up, Covians!

Here's the low-down on things for this summer.

  • Blue is old.
  • Blue is laggy
  • Blue is both old and laggy.
  • Blue has many other problems to the point where fixes have not helped as much as we'd hoped or wanted.


Blue is going to be phased out so that all players are currently on /pink map.

If you are currently an Active Player on /blue map:

Please get with me to discuss moving your base/shop/items from /blue to /pink. We would like all all active players to do this asap and will be working with you to get this done quickly and painlessly.

We would like to see this done no later than July 3, 2024 for ACTIVE PLAYERS.

For all /blue players regardless, there will be a guide coming out shortly that will give instruction on how to prep your base/shop/items. You will have options to either bring your base/items to /pink (if you plan to play between now and the fall, as an example) OR to save a full copy of your base to be stored until we establish a new survival map once 1.21 is stable and ready to be integrated into Minecove (into the fall and beyond.) The 1.21 update is unlikely to be brought to Minecove before the fall at the very earliest, to account for required bug fixes, updates and stress-testing. Additionally, if you do not wish to transfer your base/shop/etc but you wish to have a save of your base (so that you could for example integrate it into your own single-player world), we will be able to accommodate. There will be a thread coming to ⁠the discord #general channel to accommodate any questions regarding this as-needed. 

Thanks! - Berrand

(If you don't have access to discord, ask a staff member in chat with any questions.)

Prepping Transfers

To prep your transfer(s) from /blue to /pink, please follow Step #2 found in the BuyBuild Guide on the wiki.

12 June 2024 10:00
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