MineCove Pirate Olympics

MooMooPaw 19 May 2024 17:34 97
Oyuncu - MooMooPaw
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**F A C T I O N - C H A L L E N G E**

Calling all factions!

Do you have what it takes to master a championship series of building, light pvp, team challenges, aesthetic cooperative builds and tons of fun?

**The MineCove Pirate Olympics**, then, is your goal.

Your first objective:

1. Create and deploy a playable mini-game of ANY kind (following any redstone rules) based on any Olympic game with your Faction.

(these are loose rules, trust me. Use your interpretation and you're golden.)

Bonus points for:

- pirate-ing the mini game up

- creating an original design

- creating a game that a majority of your faction has helped with in some way (from gathering materials to posting Pinterest boards to IG building, etc.)

**DEADLINE** - JULY 1, 2024

19 May 2024 17:34
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