Server Maintenance - January 20, 2024

MooMooPaw 18 January 2024 19:18 510
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Heya Folks, 

So this coming weekend on 1.20.24 at 10 am EST we are going to be having a downtime maintenance to bring the server to 1.20.4 (nice timing, innit?) While this is a weekend day and we recognize that it is a day of higher server traffic, this is a needed maintenance and we've held off a little bit for a number of reasons. The time, however, is getting to be upon us. This will be a LONG maintenance.

How Long?

  • Approximately 12 hours

Will I be able to play?

  • Unfortunately not

BuT hOw WiLl i ExIsT

  • I ask myself the same question, often. May I suggest a bit of light reading, such as The Allegory of the Cave by Plato?

( ^ that, is supposed to be funny. ) ( look, I'm a gamer not a comedian. ) 

We will keep folks in the loop about timing as we get closer to The Event™ Thanks for your continued sea of patience, your good humor and flexibility.        


18 January 2024 19:18
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