January Build Contest

RandomKazakh 14 January 2024 09:44 391
Oyuncu - RandomKazakh

New /basicplots contest!
Running through Friday, January 26, 2004, till 10:00 pm EST ()
Theme: Build-A-MAZE and Nether Base/House

Due to unforeseen maintenance needed on Creative in December, we are extending the Build-A-Maze Contest through January 26th. The contest rewards will be the same as before. Entries submitted in December will be voted on at the end of January too and receive a special Build Bonus.


If you do not fancy building a MAZE, try building a Nether Base/House. Yes, that is right! We are running two build contests at the same time. If you want, you can enter both contests. It is your choice.

Rules for the Nether Base/House Build Contest:
- Creative in your use of blocks
- Work must be original
- If you partner, list all partners on the /modreg submission
- Rewards for the Nether Base/House Build Contest:
         Best Overall: 5M lunas and 10 random furniture chests
         Most Dangerous: 3M lunas and 5 random furniture chests
         Most Wicked/Evil: 3M lunas and 5 random furniture chests
         Coolest Concept: 3M lunas and 5 random furniture chests
         House I Want to Live In: 3M lunas and 5 random furniture chests
         All Legit Entries: 1 M Lunas and 3 random furniture chests
- Mark the front center with a yellow wool block
- Death traps are of course not permitted
- When your build is complete, be sure to submit a /modreq with the name of your build from the entrance
- Worthy entries might show up in a special server event

Best of luck to all!

14 January 2024 09:44
Oyuncu - MooMooPaw
🛡️Forum Moderator 🟠Helper

Nether House/Base Build Competition Results: 

First Place - TheeOhSee (The entry will be featured in an upcoming server event.)

Build-A-MAZE Build Competition Results: 

Best Overall - Hydro 

Prettiest - Robotic_Titan 

Coolest Concept - BE_Justus4ds 

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who voted. Winners, please submit a /modreq for payment or ask an admin the next time you are online.

19 June 2024 23:18
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