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Ahoy, mateys.

I had a dream -

but 'tis not of tha 'C, or 't 'Arrr', but 'o' birds, near and far.

And I thought t'meself, “what iffen they be a sign?” A sign 'o' family, O' perhaps ..

a crew...

Ye might be a Kestrel, where dwell teh brave at heart; They be daring, kind and fun lovin', aye, that sets 'em all apart.

or Ye might yet be a Puffin, 'tis a bird as just and loyal; these patient plumes be bold and true, they be unafraid of toil.

or yet ye a wise old Albatross, Iffen ye've a ready mind; those of wit and learning, ye will always find your kind.

or perhaps ye be a Cormorant, Minin' with ye friends; those cunning wings use any means, when needs must achieve their ends.

Or at last, perhaps ye be, a darlin' Nightingale; singin' 'till the dawn be come, full of mirth and sharin' tale.

Think hard, me hearties, if ye choose ta be; 'fer ye'll follow me beyond teh seas, iffen ye be so inclined -

So choose ye well, yer fleet's behind! 

Welcome to the Introduction of an optional storyline arc for 2024! 

The Pirate Cove is a year-long adventure and PVE gameplay arc that is open-ended, able to be engaged with at-will and has no 'winning' - just an added ability to get to know your fellow players and engage in RP and Lore if that is your jam! 

Players who choose to participate will be able to select one of 5 options, noted in the story above: Kestrel, Puffin, Albatross, Cormorant or Nightingale. 

Each of these correspond to multiple different options for events, minigames and roleplay opportunities throughout the year; players will have the chance to get to know other members of their 'faction', build collaboratively, trade, and enjoy inter-faction friendly competitive events. 

Here are some brief but pointed notes of each bird/faction's attributes! 


  • Color: Red
  • Values: Humor, bravery, daringness
  • Prone to laziness


  • Color: Cyan
  • Values: loyalty, sharing, hard-working
  • Prone to: Being downright stubborn


  • Color: Grey
  • Values: learning, chivalry, wittiness
  • Prone to: Mischief


  • Color: Green
  • Values: Resourcefulness, meticulous
  • Prone to: Hoarding resources


  • Color: Blue
  • Values: performative, outgoing, musical,
  • Prone to distraction

If you wish to opt in to this 2024 story arc, please drop Errand a Discord message (privately) and include:

  • Your preference of bird
  • The order of preference should your first choice not be available (for game balance). For example, use this type of message: 
    • Choice 1: (Nightingale) 
    • Choice 2: (Albatross) 
    • Choice 3: (Cormorant) 
    • Choice 4: (Puffins) 
    • Choice 5: (Kestrels)

                                                                                                                       ~~~~~The Dread Pirate Errand

03 January 2024 13:28
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