"New Cove Eve" Event!

MooMooPaw 30 December 2023 10:40 290
Oyuncu - MooMooPaw
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Get READY, Covians! 

Thar she blows! Iffen ye find yerself lookin' fer a snug harbor ta ring in the New Year with yer mateys, look no further! 

Sunday, December 31, 2023 be a time fer hostin' the wday away! 

Swab the decks! Hoist the sails! Polish the planks, ye rapscallions! Ye be joinin' the Dread Pirate Berrand, Captain Caspyglass and their motley of a crew! Ye be treated ta the wonders of scrounging fer booty, and a tour of the most feared ships in the Cove, built by those scurrrrrrrvy Admirals @Dr_Davis and @DeadMenDontBite themselves!

When: throughout the day and night, Sunday December 31st 

Where: That be where "X" marks the spot. You'll know, you'll know

30 December 2023 10:40
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