September Giftcard Contest Winners!

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    September's giftcard contest was a simple one:-

    Obtain the highest McMMO Power Level by the end of the month

    We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort and grinding put in by the community throughout the month, but three stood out far above the rest.

    Without further ado, our first giftcard winners (and their power levels at the end of the contest):

    1st: $500 Amazon Giftcard - magicalwiz2 - 23,929
    2nd: $250 Amazon Giftcard - Voice_Selected - 23,535
    3rd: $100 Amazon Giftcard - Skepta_ShutDown - 14,250

    **These players are not eligible to win giftcards in future contests**

    Remember, if you didn't win this time there's another round of giftcards up for grabs in the October Giftcard Contest - Best of luck to those who decide to enter!