Phase 4 of March Madness Completed!

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    Hey MineCove!

    The final update for March Madness - Wheew!

    • Added a limited time 'Troubling Portrait' to /market listings, infinite listings. After it is removed, it will never be sold by the server again
    • A MineCove Champion has been selected. The economy may return to normal if our Champion is able to complete the challenge
    • The MineCove Music bot on Discord will loop this until March Madness concludes
    • This is the last week of MineCove sales! Then the prices will change rapidly (increase), come April
    • The ABC rankup package was temporarily re-added to the webshop until March Madness ends
    • The new, Valphon bot is live on the server. It is still under heavy development, so it may not respond to queries and may make somewhat erratic comments at times. We're still working on getting it up to snuff!

    Important to note: Following March Madness, all things currently on sale will increase in price inversely. (Ex. -10% discount now, +10% price tag later)

    Enjoy everyone!