Phase 3 of March Madness Completed!

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    Hey MineCovians!

    Yet another list of changes here, lots to do with Towns!

    New town stuff! See /townperks for more information:
    • Custom town greeting/leaving messages
    • Additional town warps
    • Complimentary town boxes
    • /Changelog advertisement for towns
    • Broadcast advertisement for towns
    • Global mailer advertisement for towns
    • Biome changes for towns
    • Private flatmap for towns


    • Purchase a statue of any player for a mere 200k/ea
    • Statues measure 32 blocks high, 16 blocks long
    • Auto-magically renders any player's skin
    • Price will increase to 300k/ea following March Madness
    • Submit a modreq to purchase!

    Additional updates:
    • Sales from last week continuing through this week
    • MobZone boxes permanently removed from /market
    • Lots of mob spawn eggs temporarily added to /market infinite listings
    • McMMO boxes added to /market infinite listings. Each drops 10 McMMO Credits
    • Max amount of mobs within a 20 block distance doubled from 25 to 50
    • Assorted minor changes you may or not notice!

    Important to note: Following March Madness, all things currently on sale will increase in price inversely. (Ex. -10% discount now, +10% price tag later)

    Have fun!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.