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October Giftcard Contest Winners!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

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    October's Giftcard Contest:

    Construct a massive cube using only coal, iron, lapis, redstone, gold, emerald, and diamond blocks!

    Our giftcard winners followed by the full tally of other contestants scores:

    1st: $500 Amazon Giftcard - Drakynann - 753,203 points
    2nd: $250 Amazon Giftcard - HugTed - 312,029 points
    3rd: $100 Amazon Giftcard - SnackTrain44Lion - 179,817 points

    **These players are not eligible to win giftcards in future contests**

    The Runner Ups!
    4th: Slyloft earned 117,337 points
    5th im_nobodie earned 108,648 points
    6th alkrylickats earned 65,062 points​

    If you didn't win this time there's another round of giftcards up for grabs in the November Giftcard Contest - Best of luck to those who decide to enter!​
  2. Satsao

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    Congrats to everyone that participated !
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