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    Hey all!

    With the MineCove Road project now completed, MineCove is now offering cars for all players to purchase. These are completely functional vehicles that you can sit in, drive around, and even take a friend in the back seat!

    Cars can be purchased using the in-game interface, /buycar. Currently the following colors are listed:

    Brown Car
    Gray Car
    Blue Car
    Orange Car
    Green Car
    Yellow Car
    Red Car

    Additionally, each of these cars have their own stats. You can check these out in game with the /buycar menu.

    As with real world vehicles, MineCove cars run on fuel. You'll need to purchase an time-based allowance of fuel with /buyfuel.

    Finally - If you'd like a free brown car, until July 14th you can make a post on our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/602232153137311/

    Please note that accounts made after the promotion started or fake accounts will not be added to the group.

    Thanks everyone, have fun driving around!
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    Cheers Val! I love them already!
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    Digging my car. Cheers.