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November Giftcard Contest!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

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    **Failure to read this post in it's entirety may result in you unknowingly disqualifying yourself from winning. Please read this post in its entirety**


    Construct a golden pyramid!

    Build a pyramid using entirely gold blocks! Pyramids must be designed much like the "Great Pyramids" seen below:
    In other words - Four equal triangular sides sitting on a square bottom.

    Each Gold Block used = 1 Point
    The individual with the most points wins!

    Some things to make a note of:

    • Pyramids must be constructed in the /contest world
    • This special flatmap world will be removed following contest completion. You will lose blocks you placed.
    • No teams, this involves actively setting blocks down for someone who is competing.

    1st: $500 Amazon Giftcard
    2nd: $250 Amazon Giftcard
    3rd: $100 Amazon Giftcard

    The contest world will be locked from any further changes being made at 10pm EST November 29th. After this point you will not be able to retrieve your placed blocks.

    In order to place, you must reply here with your in game name and the coordinates of your pyramid. You are welcome to edit your post, so long as that occurs before November 30th.

    Tallying of scores will take place between November 30th and December 1st, with final results being posted later on December 1st!

    There will be a zero tolerance for cheating or exploiting in any form. No automation of any kind is allowed. You will be disqualified from this and all future contests and, depending on severity, banned from MineCove with your data irreversibly wiped.

    Good luck all!​
  2. d0ct0rwh00ves

    d0ct0rwh00ves Iron

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    Do we have to do 3 pyramids, or can we do just 1 large one?
  3. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

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    Just one
  4. Mas

    Mas As is the music of life Moderator Emerald

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    IGN - Masenko_1

    Location - X = 960, Z = 0
  5. CitThePit

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    IGN: CitThePIt

    Location: -851, 1, 1084
  6. Sledge

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    IGN: Sledgehammer90
    Location: 112, 1 , 230
  7. ShiiFT

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    King Toot in Common ha
  8. JeffBreee

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    IGN: JeffBreee

    Location: 631, -258
  9. alkalinekats

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    Name : alkalinekats
    Location : -400 , 1600