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    Hey all,

    A small but very important feature has been added to MineCove that warrants it's own announcement - The addition of the (Newbie) rank.

    This new rank is obtainable only by new players who have joined the server. Further, this rank will last for only 3 hours. It's purpose is to allow any new players to stand out in chat so that they can receive better assistance from both the staff and the community. Typically following the initial 'Welcome to MineCove!', a new player is quickly forgotten. Further, they are frequently treated no differently than some of our veteran players wherein they are held to the impossible standard of having full knowledge of MineCove and it's workings. This isn't right and I know we can do better.

    So I'd like to ask you, the community, to do the following - When you see a player with the (Newbie) tag, give them the benefit of the doubt. If they break a rule or make a poor judgement call, it's likely because they simply are unaware of our policies. Granted, there will be those few who join with the sole intent of causing a ruckus, but you leave those folks to the staff to handle ;)

    Thank you guys - Lets see if we can make MineCove an even more inviting community!
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