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    Hey everyone,

    We are now beta-testing a new /market resource!

    This one is similar to the last, but there are some key differences:

    1. Using /market will open up the listings
    2. On the bottom left corner, you'll see a chest labeled 'Stock'
    3. Once you click this, hover your mouse over one of the panels on the top row

    From there, the tooltips should explain how the new system works. If too many folks find themselves scratching their heads, we'll provide more in depth explanations. Hopefully the system is simple enough that it can be understood by all.

    Some additional server changes:

    Changes made due to numerous requests or block lag issues

    Smelting, Salvage, and Repair skills have all had their rank landmark levels extended as such:
    Rank 1: 125
    Rank 2: 250
    Rank 3: 375
    Rank 4: 500
    Rank 5: 1000
    Rank 6: 1500
    Rank 7: 2500
    Rank 8: 5000

    Unarmed skill was nerfed for PVP

    Some skills are capped at 20s for skill activation speed

    Afk Kicker:
    Changes made to reduce resource consumption + Increase voting incentive

    The afk kicker is now on and set to 10 minutes. However, by voting 5 times one can bypass the afk kicker for 36 hours.

    Changes made to offset the low payoff from quests + Increase voting incentive

    Money earned from vote crates tripled.

    ABC ranks:
    Changes made due to excessive use

    /me was moved from rank H to rank Y
    /time was moved from rank W to prestige A

    There were a couple other slight, likely unnoticeable changes made that should better improve performance.

    We are also actively looking for new staff, so make sure your application is in tip-top shape, you are on your best behavior, and you watch TeamSpeak for interview opportunities!

    Make sure you also vote for the following important developments below if you haven't already:
    MineCove Wristbands
    Map Migration

    Thanks guys!
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    Val Define Nerfed? I havnt had an Unarmed trigger disarmed for a few months now so it was already becoming fairly useless aside from higher damage.