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  1. Valphon

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    Hey everyone!

    Do you enjoy mining? If so, read on!
    (If not, you probably shouldn't be playing MINEcraft)

    To moderately spice up the whole mining craze a new special /farmzone has been released!

    Here are some of the main differences that you may come to enjoy:
    • All ores spawn from bedrock up to a height of 64. So where you might normally find diamonds near the bottom of the map, they are now found throughout the underground.
    • All ores spawn a bit more frequently
    • McMMO cooldown times are halved
    • The new /farmzone has no world border
    • You may stumble across the occasional 'ore hoard'. What does that mean? You'll see!
    • Numerous things that would normally kill you, such as fall damage or lava, wont!
    • The map is rather visually appealing

    Additionally it should be worth noting that many features will not function as expected, specifically:

    Crates. Crates will not open. If you try and end up losing one, we'll ask you to pretty please read these announcements. We write them to inform you so you don't lose your crates. Ok, maybe I write them a little bit to practice my writing skill but they are mostly for you guys.

    Chat. Chat will not work. You will not be able receive chat from the rest of MineCove nor send it. Focus on mining instead of chatting! All the same if you feel you need to, by all means use our Discord chat.

    Warp commands. If you need to go /home or go to a specific /warp, please use /survival first.

    There's an additional few things that I'm sure you will figure out along the way. I should mention that at some point we'll probably place a daily time limit for this new /farmzone, but not yet. For now, enjoy it for what it has to offer.

    If you have any questions, or if you need to tell us that you lost a crate in the new /Farmzone, please let us know below.

    Thanks everyone!

    (+1 writing skill)

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  2. Shiro

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    Wow. Great idea....can't wait...
  3. Kul

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    Might have to give my alt a pick or two and head over there. Sounds like a fun time
  4. d0ct0rwh00ves

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    Is this available yet? I tried it out but it's just nothing but blackness.
  5. Peaceful_Yew

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    if u don't like Mine then is there a game just called Crafts? (I like mining it's just a joke lol) Also I might very well consider playing survival again for this development, sounds cool. Thanks and keep up the good work Val!
  6. Sclean

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    I've had that happen as well. It turns out it spawned me 8-12 blocks into the ground, but I didn't suffer suffocation damage. I just mined a small alcove placed a torch, then mined/dug up to the surface.
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