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New buybuilds!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

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    Hey everyone!

    Just a quick note to announce a handful of new buybuilds on top of our current buybuild library.

    Some of these are a bit more expensive, but should provide a nice little selection of new buybuilds for you all to purchase. Below is the list of new buybuild warps that you can purchase:

    /warp CottageHouse
    /warp TowerHome
    /warp MasterInn
    /warp BlackSmithTower
    /warp Brickhouse
    /warp Castle2
    /warp Barn
    /warp Barracks
    /warp FarmHome
    /warp MillHouse
    /warp SmallShip
    /warp AdiaTower
    /warp DevilNurse
    /warp PegasusMan
    /warp SquidMan
    /warp FairyLake
    /warp SkyBattleShip
    /warp Wolf
    /warp DragonSword
    /warp GiantWarrior
    /warp Arena
    /warp Rainnyday
    /warp RichmansHome
    /warp Lakehouse
    /warp acaciaTree
    /warp MushRoomReaper
    /warp DragonFire
    /warp Gunslinger
    /warp Pokeball
    /warp SandTown
    /warp SandCastle
    /warp Clocktower
    /warp Hanger
    /warp DarkCastle
    /warp WeekendHouse

    Thanks guys, enjoy!
  2. br0wnbr0th4

    br0wnbr0th4 Waka Waka Gold

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    *heavy breathing* I'm about to be broke again...

    following warps don't work:
    Tree -goes to someone's claim
    brickhome/brickhouse go to the same location
    richmanshouse listed twice
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  3. 1StormDragon

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    Whoa Nice!
    How'd i know...
  4. br0wnbr0th4

    br0wnbr0th4 Waka Waka Gold

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    spent 16.5mill yesterday...gonna spend another 13mill today