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Should MineCove's donor funds be used to purchase & distribute MineCove bracelets?

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  1. Yes, MineCove's donor funds should be used

  2. No, MineCove's donor funds should not be used

  1. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

    Hey everyone!

    You may have heard rumors about MineCove Wristbands - I'd like to clarify that these rumors are absolutely true!

    Currently we are designing wristbands to be sent to anyone who wants them for free!
    That's right! Real life wrist bands that, if a player wants one, can receive one at zero cost for the band or for shipping.

    These wristbands would be similar to those silicon wristbands that you may see others wearing to support a charity or cause. Or - Perhaps you already have some of your own. If you're unsure what I'm talking about, click here for an example.


    Our wristbands would come in six different forms. However all of the wristbands will follow this format:

    • They will all be debossed (Text is set into the bracelet instead of being flat or sticking out)
    • They will all contain the server IP on the front
    • They will all contain the server's motto "Join a Community, Not a Server" on the inside

    Now the differences would be as follows:

    Default band


    The top rectangle would be the outside of the band with our server IP and a small Kermit insignia on the opposite side.
    The bottom rectangle would be the inside of the band, this would contain our slogan.

    500 Default bands would be ordered (250 adult/250 child)

    Iron band


    Instead of the Kermit insignia, this band has the Iron tag on the back side
    This band will glow in the dark

    100 Iron bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

    Gold band


    This gold band would, similar to the iron band, have the Gold tag on the back side
    This band will glow in the dark

    100 Gold bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

    Emerald band


    This emerald band would, similar to the iron/gold band, have the Emerald tag on the back side
    This band will glow in the dark

    100 Emerald bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

    Diamond band


    The diamond band would, similar to the others, have the Diamond tag on the back side
    This band would glow in the dark

    100 Diamond bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

    Staff band


    The staff band would, similar to the others, have a Staff tag on the back side
    This band would glow in the dark

    100 Staff bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

    Additional information about the bands:

    • They would be ordered slightly thicker so that they are more robust
    • They are the standard 1/2" (1.27cm) thick
    • 50% of the bands will be ordered in an 'Adult' size and the other 50% in a 'Child' size
    • Only the default band will not glow in the dark
    • These bands are made out of silicon


    All of MineCove's players will be eligible to receive a band if they so wish, free of charge. However, there will be a limited supply as listed above. As such, a limit of two bands per player, per address, will be given.

    Different bands can be obtained based upon the highest rank you have achieved. For example - If you are emerald rank, you can choose a emerald band, gold band, iron band, or default band. If however you are iron rank, you could only pick the iron band or default band.

    Here's the full list to determine which bands a person would be eligible for choosing:

    Is default rank:
    Only the default band

    Is Iron rank:
    Either the Iron or default band

    Is Gold rank:
    Either the Gold, Iron, or default band

    Is Emerald rank:
    Either the Emerald, Gold, Iron, or default band

    Is Diamond rank:
    Either the Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Iron, or default band

    In order to be eligible to choose the Staff band, an individual would have had to have been on the Staff team at some point in time and left the team on good terms. This means that if you were on the staff team back in 2012 and left the team in a positive manner, you would be eligible for the staff band.

    Since there is a finite supply of bands (1,000 bands total), it is at a first come, first serve basis. Those who make their requests first when the request section is opened will have first choice. If a certain band is out of stock that you are eligible for, unfortunately, you will be out of luck to obtain it. Bands will be offered as long as they are available. As we run out of certain types, warnings will set up that we are low.

    Distribution plan:

    If a default player, one who never held a rank, wanted a band, they would receive two default bands in either adult or child sizes of their choosing

    If a ranked player, or a default who held a staff rank at some point, wanted a band, they would receive one default band in either adult or child sizes of their choosing AND a second band for any rank that they were eligible for

    Now to reiterate - No matter what band combination one chooses, they would be absolutely free. No charge for shipping nor the band itself.


    Once an individual decided on a band combination that they wanted, they would need to make the appropriate post in band request forum. This is not set up yet. Once the player made their request, I would contact them for a shipping address or a PO box to send the bands to. Once again - Shipping would be absolutely free and the band would come at no charge.

    Likely, shipping would begin starting December. Everyone who wanted one at that time would hopefully receive their band by the holidays.

    The Cost:

    Now this part is very important which is why I put the header in red.

    In total, 1,000 bands will be ordered. Typically the price to order these bands would go down as you purchase more in a bulk order. However, since there will be six different types of bands, there will need to be six different orders and we will not be able to have much of a bulk order savings.

    In total, the price to order all of these bands will amount to approximately $1,260. Further, shipping rates would go average to about $1.50 per request within the United States. This would increase significantly when sent to other countries due to customs. Shipping approximately 500 orders if we assume 1,000 bands total at 2 bands per order, shipping would cost approximately $750. This does not include the additional fees when shipped outside of the United States.

    So in total, at a bare minimum, the price would be:

    $1,260+750 = Total Price $2,010 (Again, at a bare minimum)

    In order to pay for the production and shipment of these bands, we would use some of the reserved donation funds that have been saved up.

    Donation funds have been used exclusively for keeping MineCove's servers online, TeamSpeak, website, domains, plugin development, and advertising. That is why I am asking for the permission from the community to use these reserved donor funds to purchase these bracelets for the community.

    The Why
    You may have managed to read through this entire post (and thank you if you did!) and are fumbling with the question:

    ...What's the point of this? Why are we doing this?

    I'll answer that as best I can -
    MineCove is, to some, more than just another Minecraft server. It's a community. A real community. A community with friends, role models, and a place to retreat to. A great portion of our players aren't here to play Minecraft anymore - They're here to be a part of our community. Genuine friendships would have never been made had MineCove not existed as the friendly community to facilitate them.

    Consider this for a moment - If you've hung around the server for long enough, you'll notice that there are some players who have forged true, authentic friendships with others. At first glance, it seems that these individuals must know each other in 'real life'. But you will find these friendships were made entirely on MineCove. Further, they endure long after these players have left the game. I've found they're permanent friendships that last for years.

    So why are we doing this?

    We are doing this because MineCove's community is outstanding. Everyone who is or who has been a MineCovian deserves the option to take away a real, tangible object for being a part of our community.

    Now that I've said my piece, please vote if you believe this is an appropriate use of donor funds. To restate the above:

    Donation funds have been used exclusively for keeping MineCove's servers online, TeamSpeak, website, domains, plugin development, and advertising. That is why I am asking for the permission from the community to use these reserved donor funds to purchase these bracelets for the community.

    Please vote in the poll and let us know. If more than 10% of the player base votes no, we will not be doing the MineCove bracelets. Thank you!
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  2. br0wnbr0th4

    br0wnbr0th4 Waka Waka Gold

    I'd very much like the Diamond & Default bands :)
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  3. TROL2292

    TROL2292 Iron

    Even that I didn't donated, I don't think it's such a good idea, I think that the money can be used to much bettter purposes in the server itself - making the server stronger and harder to lag, adding new things or anything else, I think it's pointless to have something in real life that related to a server (same goes to every video game, in general).
    But the most important - I doubt if people - both adults and kids, will actually hang around with this wristband... it may look.. odd.

    After talking to kit, I've decided it's not that bad too have those wristbands:
    It can advertise Minecove.
    For most people, unlike me, it's cool to wear these even if you are adults (he says people even wear MLP shirts o_O).
    I will try to give them away to someone on the server since I won't wear them (if that will be cool with Val, otherwise I may consider to return my vote to "no" :#).
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  4. melsblocks

    melsblocks Iron

    I think this is a great idea. I would wear mine with pride!
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  5. glowdigger

    glowdigger Gold

    what a fun idea
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  6. Gaming_Sloth42

    Gaming_Sloth42 Iron

    MC Username:
    Val this is one of the best ideas in the history of the world, I may have to get diamond rank just to get the bands I want!!
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  7. MrMilkington

    MrMilkington MrMilkington Gold

    MC Username:
    I love this idea! Sign me up. Might remake my staff app as i really want a staff wristband!
    Gotta be on best behaviour now!
  8. SnazzyIdahoGI

    SnazzyIdahoGI Iron

    I fully support your idea and I also feel that you can use any funds you make over the cost of the server can be used in any way you feel. And I'm sure under tax reasons this would fall under advertising.
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  9. DawnTheUnicorn

    DawnTheUnicorn Coal

    MC Username:
    This is amazing! Gear for Minecove!? It cannot get any better than that :)
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  10. UntamedDesire

    UntamedDesire Untamed Iron

    I think this is a great idea... and heck, then we can show people we meet up with irl that the minecraft server we play on is legit enough to give gear to its players (with limited supply). I have never seen a server go into investing in some sort of physical object you can have to represent the server irl. Very cool. I, however, will only say yes to them if we would still have the funds to keep the server on. I'm sure you considered it but last thing anyone wants is to buy these and then suddenly Mojang calls for more money for the server or teamspeak prices go up. Just bear in mind anything can happen at anytime no matter how much we try to avoid it.
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  11. Colt132

    Colt132 Administrator Lapis Lazuli

    This would be pretty cool. I think many of our younger players would wear them to school etc.

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  12. Alligator720

    Alligator720 Iron

    MC Username:
    These bands look really nice, Well done Val
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  13. CapitanCroatia

    CapitanCroatia Coal

    i think its good idea, it is risky to buy them but i think its cool, i cant buy things in game ,im from Croatia and here we have kunas , 1 dolar for you is like 7 for us (1$=7.25kn) so its more expensive for me to buy things ingame, i got rank once on sale and it was gift for 2 my future birthdays... but if its free its cool for me,its promotion for server and cool thing for me to wear, i have watch from diversity but its not enugh, i want one more thing on my hand, like this. I love MineCove and this woud be so cool (peopel in school will be lot meaner to me but i will have more chances to punch them) .
  14. SuperNova987

    SuperNova987 Lapis Lazuli

    I originally had voted no because when I was a kid I lost these all the time and whilst I want them, I'm afraid funding that could be going to cool features is going to go to something that someone's mom is going to throw away. Which makes me sad.

    I really love the idea however and everyone's enthusiasm gives me more confidence that these bands will be treated with care so I support it and would love one.
    -Nova <3
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  15. Steve

    Steve The Omni-Nerd Lapis Lazuli

    MC Username:
    I like the idea as it is new and interesting. Have we talked to the manufacturer to see if they would be willing to create this order under one order so we DO meet the bundle criteria? I feel at $1,200 that is a significant order that shouldn't be hindered because of a few design differences. A little time and effort on the part of manufacturing could save a lot of money on the back end (even if its only $100-200)

    Edit: to further this- to me the unit price to factory price seems extremely over inflated. $1.20 per band seems a bit much when the cost of the material is minimal and design changes are minor. It may be worth while doing the research to discover the manufacturers price point and seek an even compromise. If the distributor pays .25 per band, then a reasonable price of say .75 seems significantly better. That would reduce the price by closer to $400...
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  16. Eselt

    Eselt Coal

    Val this is awesome, I personally have never loved a server as much as I love Minecove, it truly is a little community. I tell people about it all the time, and now I can wear a wristband to show that off even without speaking. :) And I'm sure our younger members, heck even the older members, are doing the same thing I'm doing. Which is geeking out over the prospect of more merch from something we love to bits and pieces. :p
  17. Creeper_master72

    Creeper_master72 Skepta- Gold

    Ive voted no because I wouldn't get one however we do have some very generous donators and I believe that due to them donators we must have a fair bit saved up in donor funds so I see no harm to be honest
  18. Phanizy90

    Phanizy90 Coal

    I would sport mine with pride and as a teacher I would think my students would love to see me wearing these xD
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  19. Kitsuryu

    Kitsuryu The Guardian Fox Emerald

    then you should switch it to yes :p gotta remember that if 10% say no then the bands have no chance :p
  20. Valphon

    Valphon Owner Lapis Lazuli

    I'll close the poll Saturday, October 15th.

    If the end vote is yes, then we can begin discussions on more specific band options.

    If the end vote is no, then we will hold off doing the MineCove wristbands until another time. (Another poll will take place in the future)
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