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    Hey everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce something many of you have been asking for - Official towns! Run by - You!

    With the new towns system we will grant you, the player, far greater ability to customize your town than ever before. This includes the creation of individualized town plots of any dimension, holograms, NPCs, multiple warps and a slew of other neat features! You can check out all of the benefits for owning a town at /towninfo, heading into the doorway on the right.

    You're probably wondering - Well what defines a town?

    It's quite simply this -

    • You must have at least 15 active members (See /memberreq)
    • A minimum of 5 town buildings (blacksmith, market, library, etc)
    • A town hall with an active members board

    Naturally your town will need to be approved before it can be considered a town, you can check /townapply for more info on this. To give everyone a fair shot at building up their town, applications for towns will open on July 25th.

    Now - The one major note: Only six towns can be considered official at any time. If, say, there are 6 towns already and you'd like to take the spot of another town, you would refer to the town challenge requirements. This is also found at /towninfo through the door on the right!

    Have fun building and planning!
    Mr. Valphon
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Thread Status:
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