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    Hey everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce that MineCove's quest system is now officially out of beta phase and out for all players to enjoy!

    MineCove's quests can be found at /warp quests. These quests each require that you collect a specified number of a certain block and return it to the quest NPC. Thus far, the quests are themed as follows:

    • Miner
    • Diver
    • Farmer
    • Subterranean
    • Frosty
    • GlassBlower
    • Artist
    • HellDiver
    • Excavator

    What is required of you to collect? You'll just have to see at /warp quests!

    Completing each quest will earn you an amount of Lunas. This amount will be small to start, but will progressively grow as you continue through each quest type. Currently, there are ten (10) levels per quest that yield a greater amount of Lunas for completing as you progress.

    Stuck? Confused? File a /modreq in game ask in chat. Quests are rather straight forward and likely someone has the answer you are looking for.

    Finally - A big thank you to Soup for configuring, testing, and ironing out all the wrinkles for our quests. Be sure to show him your gratitude next you see him in game!

    I hope you all enjoy, if you've any suggestions - By all means let us know!
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    Val, I like the idea of quests earning you money, BUT I have to admit, the voting rate has fallen dramatically since we got rid of the voting rewards. That is all I have to say about this, but over all, the quests look nice and Thanks Soup! :p
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    Hey Valphon-
    I LOVE the new quests. I did a couple with no issues and now I'm on the farmer 100 and miner 500 and I'm having an issue. I've completed everything on the farmer 100 and the last thing to complete was break 100 melons. Well when I do /quest, it has two line items for break 100 melons. As I break them, one fills up and the other stays at 0. When I complete it, it gives me credit for one, but not that I've finished the quest. Then when I break more melons, the line stays at 0. When I relog, it adds another line. Here's a screenshot which hopefully helps, as I'm not sure I'm explaining well. Thanks!

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    Ok I got it fixed. I quit both quests and re-accepted Farmer 100 and completed it without relogging and everything worked as it should. :)

    I started those last night, logged out around 10PM EST and logged back in this morning with the issue. Not sure if this is just a fluke or a bug.

    Either way I really enjoy the quests! Thanks! :)

    Edit: I should note I did not accept both quests after I quit them. It could also be that too...
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    Is it just me, or does the santa/elf looking guy look like my skin in the face?
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    Is there a time limit to wait for another quest or can you do them back to back?
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    As it stands, quests are currently disabled right now due to a lot of bugs with it. But when it was working, you could do them back to back yes