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  1. Valphon

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    Hey all,

    Not too long ago a poll was created regarding if MineCove survival should move to a new map. Click here to review said poll and associated information.

    The majority currently has voted to wait for the map migration until 1.11 is released. So, from here we'll plan to do just that!

    Some important info regarding precisely when we might be able to migrate to a new map:

    • 1.11 currently has no set release date and was just announced last month. If we look at Mojang's release trend, we can probably estimate a stable 1.11 version to be released no later than Spring 2017. Keep in mind however, Mojang is typically inconsistent with releases. 1.11 may come much sooner, or it may come much later.
    • We not only need to wait for 1.11 to be released, but for a stable 1.11 server version to be available. This typically takes approximately a month following a version release date.
    • Finally, once a stable 1.11 server version is released, we need to ensure that all core plugins have also have stable updates. Typically most plugins are updated within a few weeks of a release, but in the past there have always been a few stragglers that take an additional 1 - 2 months to iron out.

    Therefore, if we use a conservative estimate here, we should expect to move to a new map by Summer 2017.

    Once again, this is a best estimation based on the limited information provided to us by Mojang. We may move sooner than this or later. It depends entirely on the operation of Mojang.

    As new information comes out, we'll keep you updated.

    Thanks guys!
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  2. Kitsuryu

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    Great i think? Not looking forward to another 5 months on the same map but at the same time its better then resetting the map for 1.11 a few months later. Mix bag of feelings for this one. xD
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  3. Belle

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    Ditto on that Kit!
  4. Valphon

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    If we were to reset, we'd only do it once and add the 1.11 to the following map whenever it was released.
  5. Frazzelbeard

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    so theres nothing porting over? its a full reset?