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  1. Valphon

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    Howdy folks,

    MineCove's cleanup process is moving along smoothly, you may have already noticed the increased performance output of our server (Hooray!)

    We've just completed the second to last phase of the cleanup process, the clearing of regions and the subsequent refund for repurchasing of those regions.

    Now, not only is it highly important that you reclaim your region, but also that you leave open the possibility for some potential complications. Namely - You go to claim your land and, uh oh, someone else has claimed over it! If this is the case, please do not assume it was intentional. Merely submitting a /modreq will result in your region troubles being resolved.

    Once again -

    If there are any complications with you reclaiming your land, please submit a /modreq and a staff member will help you

    I would also like to take the time to thank the entire staff team for tirelessly collecting, logging, and calculating the region refunds. Without them we could never have proceeded with this enormous project. So be sure to thank your local staff member next you see one - They deserve it!

    See you on the server!
  2. Earl

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    Val... I guess I don't care about my build/regions . Just want my rank/money and will build all new . is that ok ? not transferring any of the stuff I've built?
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    They are your builds :) Moving forward during the migration if you choose to not take your region to the next map that is your choice. Just know that what is done cannot be undone.
  4. Earl

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    sounds like a plan to me. will keep things on a smaller scale in the future. Thanks 1oldragon