MineCove Black Friday Weekend Sale!

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    Greetings folks!

    I hope you've been saving your Lunas, for there is now a massive -25% off sale on MineCove for the following items:

    -25% off Region purchases in both the main world and /spawnerzone!
    -25% off all ABC rankups!
    -25% off all regular /Heads!
    -25% off all /Gallery prices!
    -25% off all listed Buybuild prices!
    -25% off all webshop packages!
    -25% off all /boost!


    All votecrates and priceless crates drop 25% more loot!
    For every new player that joins, 100,000 Lunas is added to the lotto pot!
    The /PokemonTrader has returned with some limited time deals!

    The MineCove Black Friday Weekend Sale will end on Monday, November 28th at about 11:00pm EST
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.