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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Howdy folks!

    I've some excellent news regarding our much awaited migration to a new map - It would seem that we can confidently expect Minecraft 1.11 to be released much sooner than anticipated - November 14th, 2016!

    Now, per these new releases, we always get hit with a form of the question:

    When are we updating?

    While 1.11 will be released for clients, 1.11 for servers takes a bit longer to be released. Further, the plugins that run on our server such as your /homes, McMMO stats, regions, and the like - Those typically update the last. We don't update the server until all of our plugins are updated too.

    If all goes accordingly, we can expect a map migration by the end of the year. The map cleanup will still continue on according to plan, and the map migration process will not begin until the map cleanup ends.

    As always, this is all subject to change as Mojang's calendar is completely out of our control.

    Thanks guys!
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  2. micord2

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    Quick question, when this is done will the regions be moved as is or only structures?
  3. Andy061095

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    'Everything' up to 256 (build limit) will be copied and everything down to 1 will be copied (Y levels that is). You must modreq it when the day has come for this all to happen. Sign info will be deleted, stuff on armor stands will be deleted, and stuff will be deleted out of chests -->UNLESS<-- moved to the storage world which will be coming around again as soon as a for sure server update is released. The storage world. Youll have to buy a protection plot to store your chests and valuables on. They come in 10x10 and you can buy as many as you want until your /land limit kicks in. Again, when time comes you MUST make a modreq to have your land saved. You will only have ONE plot save. So make sure its one you want to keep.
  4. TheHauntedPants

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    Crap. I'd love to save my stuff, but my hard drive just failed on me so I have to type this using my school laptop. Is there any way that I can get my balance/homes saved without logging in? I've tried minechat too, but my phone is garbage.
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    the migration isnt for a good month or so at the earliest we still need plugins etc to update first :p and those take FOREVER.
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    Awesome. Thanks! Sadly, I don't know if my hard drive will be shipped by whenever we reset, I still haven't found the one I want on Amazon.