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Happy 5th Birthday MineCove!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Valphon

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    We have quite a bit to announce, so much so that we'll need to sub-divide this into numerous other announcements!

    First, here's the general stuff:

    New map! MineCove is now running our largest map to date. A whooping 100k border! This map will be the new Survival.

    The old map will now be called 'Legacy'. Only players who logged into MineCove during the month of August will have access to Legacy. These players will be MineCove's Legacy players. You may access Legacy with /legacy.

    A run down on transfers and all that fun stuff:

    - Items transfer between Survival and Legacy
    - McMMO levels transfer between Survival and Legacy
    - Webshop packages will only go into effect on Survival, not Legacy
    - Private worlds may submit transfer requests on September 14th*
    - Towns may submit transfer requests on September 21st*
    - Builds will be open to transfer on January 1st*

    *Details on transfer procedures will be posted later on

    Legacy will stay open for another year until September 1st 2018, or until it is typically empty - Whichever occurs first.

    Now for the big ticket items!

    New Market Place! https://minecove.net/threads/market-place.13778/
    Monthly Contests Re-done! https://minecove.net/threads/monthly-contests.13782/
    New Road System! https://minecove.net/threads/road-system.13779/
    New Pets! https://minecove.net/threads/new-pets.13777/
    $500, $250, and $100 giftcard contests! https://minecove.net/threads/giftcard-contests.13781/

    Misc Stuff:

    - Legacy on new machine with double memory, best available processor, and a bit more general improvements
    - -20% annual birthday sale will last Sept 1st to Sept 7th
    - Votes will only be counted on Survival, not Legacy
    - /god changed to /kermit
    - /kermit moved from Z rank to prestige A
    - VPN/proxy watchdog added
    - Chat line limiter added for default ranks
    - Onions added to /market infinite listings. You want to buy these
    - Region prices changed
    - 1000x1000 regions available for towns only @ 10m Lunas
    - Gallery images can no longer be purchased from the webshop
    - Buybuilds + Gallery images not currently available on the new survival

    Thanks everyone, have fun!
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    Cheers guys! Looking good!
  3. Steve

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    Some things not covered:
    Seeing as black regions are no longer available to individuals- will the costs of those regions be refunded or will we be able to transfer pre-existing regions?
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    Happy 5th Birthday MineCove! I think it's amazing that the server has been going on for so long and I look forward to more fun here in years to come.
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  5. Valphon

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    Details on transfer procedures will be posted later on
  6. partguypartshark

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    When do we expect to have more info on how transferring pre-existing regions will work? I had projects I was working on in legacy that have been on hold because I don't know if the whole region will be moved over or just builds off of the region. Any info or when to expect info would be appreciated! :)