Happy 4th Birthday MineCove!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Valphon, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Valphon

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    Hey everyone,

    Today marks four years since MineCove was officially opened on September 1st, 2012.

    Four years ago today, myself and the staff team at the time opened up MineCove's community to the vast population of Minecraft players to be a part of. None of us knew what the future held. Not who we were going to meet, not the problems we'd encounter, nor the friends we'd make. It's truly been an incredible ride these past four years. I believe if we went back in time to the day we opened, told everyone what MineCove would later become, we'd have baffled the masses - How could a Minecraft community be so great? So exceptional?

    But here we are folks. Four years of MineCove and we have the best community out there. The compassion you show each other, the manner in which each and every one of you looks out for one another, and the friendliness you show to new players - I can honestly say I am the proudest server Owner out there too.

    I thank each and every one of you for being a part of MineCove's community. Thank you for making these last four years worthwhile. And most of all - Thank you for being exactly who you are. We wouldn't be right where we are today without you.

    I look forward to serving you all for a long time to come. Here's to four years of MineCove and many more!

    All the best,
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  2. br0wnbr0th4

    br0wnbr0th4 Waka Waka Gold

    Well I'm fairly new, coming to this server this passed year through mere coincidence and I've never seen the sheer comraderie you attain here almost so effortlessly. I've been on Minecraft servers before these passed 4 years, but I must honestly say that this is my favourite server thus far and I'm here to stay as long you'll have me. Happy birthday, Minecove.

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  3. Steve

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    Happy birthday minecove- you're now old enough for pre-k. :) On a serious note this server is by far and large a massive success because of you Val. So as much as you may say thanks, thank you for dedicating 4 years to provide what we have. Great communities have great leaders and Minecove is no exception

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  4. drifterv3

    drifterv3 Coal

    I have been on this server for almost 3 years and i even served as staff for a time and i would like to say i love it. I have tried other servers and none of them are as good as Minecove. This server is friendly, fun, and the staff are awesome. I would like to say thanks Val for all the hard work you and the other staff put into Minecove. hear is to Minecove may she have many more years of greatness. 2016-09-01_06.52.12.png
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  5. Abushaqra

    Abushaqra Coal

    Happy Birthday Minecove!! And Valphon Congrats and THANK YOU A LOT!!! :)
  6. Mally

    Mally Im a poet and I know it. :P Iron

    Woot! Happy Birthday, MineCove! I joined the week of 2013 Christmas, when I got my laptop. It was totally fate I joined MineCove! :3
  7. Drag_Z_

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    Happy Birthday MineCove and gratz! And thank you Valphon for being our one and only owner. If you wern't our owner im sure minecove wouldn't be like it was today. and same with staff. if the staff that is here now was not here minecove wouldn't be like it is today either.
  8. Nathan Battersby

    Nathan Battersby Batters_Bees Coal

    Happy Birthday MineCove! I've only been on the server for just over a month but I can already tell that MineCove is an amazing community. I was only on the server for a couple of weeks and I met someone who happily just gave me a full diamond armour set! Along with a bunch of other stuff that has helped me out a lot! Where else does that happen!? Thank you, Val. I know I've finally found a server that I can call my minecraft home.

    Batters_Bees :)
  9. Collin

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    My thoughts summed up exactly. Happy birthday MineCove!
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  10. ElectroDemon

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    Due to celebrating MineCove's 4th Anniversary, there will be a 20% Discount in all House Sales at SilverKeep! The discount will last for 2 weeks, starting on the 1st of September and Ending on the 14th. Enjoy, as we are here to have fun!
    -Electro :)
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  11. Yefeahwerdna

    Yefeahwerdna Iron

    I've been on the server for three years and although I've had my ups and downs I've loved every moment, thank you for the amazing time on the server.