December Giftcard Winners!

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    December's Giftcard Contest:

    Construct a candy cane cube!

    Our giftcard winners followed by the full tally of other contestants scores:

    1st: $500 Amazon Giftcard - DrDuckDodgers -A 227x227x227 Cube!
    2nd: $250 Amazon Giftcard - TheBeastlyMan - A 99x99x99 Cube!
    3rd: $100 Amazon Giftcard - GrizzlyPanda - A 64x64x64 Cube!

    That's all for Giftcard contests for now - I hope you all enjoyed!

    Have a great rest of your holiday season!
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    Congrats to all who tried!
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  3. partguypartshark

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    Woo hoo! Congrats everyone!! I hope everyone has a happy holiday and new year!! <3
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    Yay Congrats everyone ! hope you guys had fun :p