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    Howdy folks!

    Buybuilds are back up and better than ever! Less expensive, more reliable placement, and an expanding list of options. You may check a list of some of the available buybuilds with /buybuilds. Do note that the /buybuilds list is not all inclusive - You'll need to search out the buybuilds world to see all of your build options.

    One of the major issues that people ran into, I myself included, was the catastrophic error of misplacing your buybuild. Now, instead of you placing your build, a staff member will place it for you to tailor your individual needs. This means buybuilds can be repositioned to your specific desires - No more hoping to get lucky in one shot!

    To see the process of purchasing a new buybuild, after you have the available funds of course, check /buybuilding in game.

    That's all for now - Hope you guys enjoy the new system!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.