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Hey everyone!

By May 1st MineCove will be updating to 1.9! This will likely occur the day prior, April 30th. If all goes well expect an update as soon as April 29th!

Major things to make a note of:
In the past we have had plugins hiccup on Minecraft updates, so to reduce the likelihood of complications, please do the following:

  • Clear your /market listings and /market mail prior to April 29th. Store these items in chests. After the update it will be free of charge to make new listings for a period of two weeks
  • If you have a painting from gallery, please take a screenshot of it
  • When you go to log off, prior to the update, please log off at /spawn

Minor things to make a note of:

  • You will need a 1.9 client to connect after the update
  • Things might be a bit shaky the first couple weeks. We'll have a bug reporting place set up for issues
  • There will not be a map reset of the main world
  • The end world will be reset on a bi-weekly basis for the first few months to allow all users equal access to the new end world

If my attempt to make this announcement concise, readable, and understandable by all ages failed, please do not hesitate to contact me on here or via Skype (Username: Valphon) for any questions you have.

Thanks guys! Excited for 1.9!