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Hey all!

Now, for a limited time, there is a Pokemon Card Trader available!

You can use /PokemonTrader to sell your Pokemon cards.

  • This card trader will come and go, meaning it's only here temporarily
  • The card trader will return some weeks or months in the future with different buy values
  • Some cards are being bought at significantly overvalued prices
  • Some cards are being bought at significantly undervalued prices
  • The only card that is not being bought is Weedle
The trader will disappear sometime during the first week of November

Good luck, and have fun guys!
Hey all,

Not too long ago a poll was created regarding if MineCove survival should move to a new map. Click here to review said poll and associated information.

The majority currently has voted to wait for the map migration until 1.11 is released. So, from here we'll plan to do just that!

Some important info regarding precisely when we might be able to migrate to a new map:

  • 1.11 currently has no set release date and was just announced last month. If we look at Mojang's release trend, we can probably estimate a stable 1.11 version to be released no later than Spring 2017. Keep in mind however, Mojang is typically inconsistent with releases. 1.11 may come much sooner, or it may come much later.
  • We not only need to wait for 1.11 to be released, but for a stable 1.11 server version to be available. This typically takes approximately a month following a version release date.
  • Finally, once a stable 1.11 server version is released, we need to ensure that all core plugins have also have stable updates. Typically most plugins are updated within a few weeks of a release, but in the past there have always been a few stragglers that take an additional 1 - 2 months to iron out.

Therefore, if we use a conservative estimate here, we should expect to move to a new map by Summer 2017.

Once again, this is a best estimation based on the limited information provided to us by Mojang. We may move sooner than this or later. It depends entirely on the operation of Mojang.

As new information comes out, we'll keep you updated.

Thanks guys!
Hey all,

A small but very important feature has been added to MineCove that warrants it's own announcement - The addition of the (Newbie) rank.

This new rank is obtainable only by new players who have joined the server. Further, this rank will last for only 3 hours. It's purpose is to allow any new players to stand out in chat so that they can receive better assistance from both the staff and the community. Typically following the initial 'Welcome to MineCove!', a new player is quickly forgotten. Further, they are frequently treated no differently than some of our veteran players wherein they are held to the impossible standard of having full knowledge of MineCove and it's workings. This isn't right and I know we can do better.

So I'd like to ask you, the community, to do the following - When you see a player with the (Newbie) tag, give them the benefit of the doubt. If they break a rule or make a poor judgement call, it's likely because they simply are unaware of our policies. Granted, there will be those few who join with the sole intent of causing a ruckus, but you leave those folks to the staff to handle ;)

Thank you guys - Lets see if we can make MineCove an even more inviting community!
Hey everyone,

We are now beta-testing a new /market resource!

This one is similar to the last, but there are some key differences:

  1. Using /market will open up the listings
  2. On the bottom left corner, you'll see a chest labeled 'Stock'
  3. Once you click this, hover your mouse over one of the panels on the top row

From there, the tooltips should explain how the new system works. If too many folks find themselves scratching their heads, we'll provide more in depth explanations. Hopefully the system is simple enough that it can be understood by all.

Some additional server changes:

Changes made due to numerous requests or block lag issues

Smelting, Salvage, and Repair skills have all had their rank landmark levels extended as such:
Rank 1: 125
Rank 2: 250
Rank 3: 375
Rank 4: 500
Rank 5: 1000
Rank 6: 1500
Rank 7: 2500
Rank 8: 5000

Unarmed skill was nerfed for PVP

Some skills are capped at 20s for skill activation speed

Afk Kicker:
Changes made to reduce resource consumption + Increase voting incentive

The afk kicker is now on and set to 10 minutes. However, by voting 5 times one can bypass the afk kicker for 36 hours.

Changes made to offset the low payoff from quests + Increase voting incentive

Money earned from vote crates tripled.

ABC ranks:
Changes made due to excessive use

/me was moved from rank H to rank Y
/time was moved from rank W to prestige A

There were a couple other slight, likely unnoticeable changes made that should better improve performance.

We are also actively looking for new staff, so make sure your application is in tip-top shape, you are on your best behavior, and you watch TeamSpeak for interview opportunities!

Make sure you also vote for the following important developments below if you haven't already:...
Hey everyone!

You may have heard rumors about MineCove Wristbands - I'd like to clarify that these rumors are absolutely true!

Currently we are designing wristbands to be sent to anyone who wants them for free!
That's right! Real life wrist bands that, if a player wants one, can receive one at zero cost for the band or for shipping.

These wristbands would be similar to those silicon wristbands that you may see others wearing to support a charity or cause. Or - Perhaps you already have some of your own. If you're unsure what I'm talking about, click here for an example.


Our wristbands would come in six different forms. However all of the wristbands will follow this format:

  • They will all be debossed (Text is set into the bracelet instead of being flat or sticking out)
  • They will all contain the server IP on the front
  • They will all contain the server's motto "Join a Community, Not a Server" on the inside

Now the differences would be as follows:

Default band


The top rectangle would be the outside of the band with our server IP and a small Kermit insignia on the opposite side.
The bottom rectangle would be the inside of the band, this would contain our slogan.

500 Default bands would be ordered (250 adult/250 child)

Iron band


Instead of the Kermit insignia, this band has the Iron tag on the back side
This band will glow in the dark

100 Iron bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

Gold band


This gold band would, similar to the iron band, have the Gold tag on the back side
This band will glow in the dark

100 Gold bands would be ordered (50 adult/50 child)

Emerald band...
Hey guys!

With our ongoing effort to improve communication with the community, a new small (but important!) feature has been added - /changelog

Executing this command in game will list off a chat message stating the latest changes made to the server. A date is included so that you know how recent these changes are. It's read in concise, bullet point format. Overall, it should keep you up to date with any changes relevant to you, the player.

I would suggest to get in the habit of checking this daily, however it will likely not be updated on a daily basis. This way you can be aware of changes as soon as practical.

Thanks guys - Hope this helps keep everyone in the loop!
Hey everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that MineCove's quest system is now officially out of beta phase and out for all players to enjoy!

MineCove's quests can be found at /warp quests. These quests each require that you collect a specified number of a certain block and return it to the quest NPC. Thus far, the quests are themed as follows:

  • Miner
  • Diver
  • Farmer
  • Subterranean
  • Frosty
  • GlassBlower
  • Artist
  • HellDiver
  • Excavator

What is required of you to collect? You'll just have to see at /warp quests!

Completing each quest will earn you an amount of Lunas. This amount will be small to start, but will progressively grow as you continue through each quest type. Currently, there are ten (10) levels per quest that yield a greater amount of Lunas for completing as you progress.

Stuck? Confused? File a /modreq in game ask in chat. Quests are rather straight forward and likely someone has the answer you are looking for.

Finally - A big thank you to Soup for configuring, testing, and ironing out all the wrinkles for our quests. Be sure to show him your gratitude next you see him in game!

I hope you all enjoy, if you've any suggestions - By all means let us know!
Greetings folks!

I'm pleased to announce a new feature on MineCove - Collectable/Tradable Pokemon cards!

"But how do these work?" - You may be asking yourself. It's simple!

There are 151 of the Original 1st Generation Pokemon available as cards. Below you can see an example of what numerous of these cards look like:


Each card can be held in your hand, like so:


Mounted on an item frame for display:


Or you can hover over the card in your inventory to get more information of the Pokemon on your tooltip. (Many thanks to TheTenthCircle for tirelessly writing this data on all of the cards)


Finally - You can trade or collect them! Many individuals, perhaps even yourself included, are avid Pokemon fans and may have collected these cards in the past. Now - You can collect them once again!

New cards can be obtained by receiving a 'face down' card via one of the methods explained at the bottom of this post.

Simply hold this card in your hand and right click to flip it over:

What is on the other side is a mystery until then!

'Face down' cards can currently be obtained through one of the following ways:

Vote Crates
Purchasing off players

In the future, they may be collectible from the /prizes prizeshop, webshop, or numerous crates (Priceless, Secret, Mobber, etc)

Some additional information -

  • The 151 cards are all exclusively from the 1st generation. Later generations may be added in the future
  • Each Pokemon will fall into one of the following categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Legendary Pokemon are extremely rare. Hold on to these if you find one!
  • There is no official list stating which Pokemon fall into which category, but it should be fairly obvious where many go
  • Card value is...
Hey everyone,

Today marks four years since MineCove was officially opened on September 1st, 2012.

Four years ago today, myself and the staff team at the time opened up MineCove's community to the vast population of Minecraft players to be a part of. None of us knew what the future held. Not who we were going to meet, not the problems we'd encounter, nor the friends we'd make. It's truly been an incredible ride these past four years. I believe if we went back in time to the day we opened, told everyone what MineCove would later become, we'd have baffled the masses - How could a Minecraft community be so great? So exceptional?

But here we are folks. Four years of MineCove and we have the best community out there. The compassion you show each other, the manner in which each and every one of you looks out for one another, and the friendliness you show to new players - I can honestly say I am the proudest server Owner out there too.

I thank each and every one of you for being a part of MineCove's community. Thank you for making these last four years worthwhile. And most of all - Thank you for being exactly who you are. We wouldn't be right where we are today without you.

I look forward to serving you all for a long time to come. Here's to four years of MineCove and many more!

All the best,