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Howdy everyone,

I'd like to draw your attention to a few new features available on MineCove, listed in an easy to read format!

Kits - Ranked players can now spawn in kits for their rank and all the ranks that they inherit. The kits are Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, and Prestige. Kits can be spawned in once every 12 hours, however all available kits can be spawned in at the same time. Kits are now boxes which may be empty at times.

/Farmzone - After much demand, a farm world is now available. This farm world should be treated as a resource world, not a place to build. Players who do decide to build here should expect their builds to not be protected. Additionally this world is not a special one, it is a regular vanilla map. In order to access the /Farmzone, you'll need to vote 5 times for 24 hours of access.

/Fly - Despite the fact that very generous members of our community regularly purchase the /fly package on a weekly basis, some users have requested another means to obtain it. Now, by voting 20 times, a player can use /fly for 24 hours.

Username Tooltip - The username tool tip, or when you put your mouse over your name in chat, has been updated to reflect time played, blocks broken, money, mcmmo power level, and vote count. Want to increase your standing in the community? Try to increase all of these numbers!

/Lottery - Now for each vote to MineCove, there is a chance to add anywhere between 1,000 - 50,000 Lunas to the lottery pot. Additionally, every new player on MineCove automatically adds 25,000 Lunas to the lottery pot. You can purchase tickets with /lottery buy #

/Staffinfo - If you are interested in joining the staff team, another small but important criteria has been added to the minimums - 100 server votes within the month. This should take most users within 10 days to meet and it is reset on a monthly basis. Naturally players with more votes for MineCove will be given more promotion favor. For...
Greetings fellows,

I am very pleased to announce that we are officially on Minecraft 1.11! With it come llamas, woodland mansions, llamas, bug fixes, more llamas, and a bunch of new under the hood features. Also llamas.

Additionally, the following short list of changes have been made:

  • Disabled Shulker boxes due to item loss on storage bug
  • Disabled particle balloons for the time being
  • Added Lunas payments for online time. Defaults get 1,000L/hour. Prestige get 5,000L/hour
  • Increased prestige rank view distance by 150 percent
  • Players can now see mutes and kicks
  • Added a llama spawn egg to /market server listings. Because everyone should have a llama
  • A bunch of heads added to /heads
  • Lottery set to add +25k to the pot on new player join
  • Patched the /market issue for 1.11, the market will run fine
  • Verified mobbox functionality. They're derpy. But functional
  • Increased McMMO abilities time cap to 240s
  • Tweaked hoppers and redstone to improved functionality
This list is available in game from /changelog

There will be a few more tweaks from here, but for now, please enjoy the updated server. You will need to connect with a 1.11 client.

As a friendly reminder - December 1st begins our regeneration of unclaimed chunks phase. Make sure you claim your land areas before then.

See you on the server!
Greetings folks!

I hope you've been saving your Lunas, for there is now a massive -25% off sale on MineCove for the following items:

-25% off Region purchases in both the main world and /spawnerzone!
-25% off all ABC rankups!
-25% off all regular /Heads!
-25% off all /Gallery prices!
-25% off all listed Buybuild prices!
-25% off all webshop packages!
-25% off all /boost!


All votecrates and priceless crates drop 25% more loot!
For every new player that joins, 100,000 Lunas is added to the lotto pot!
The /PokemonTrader has returned with some limited time deals!

The MineCove Black Friday Weekend Sale will end on Monday, November 28th at about 11:00pm EST
Hey all!

As I'm sure you're well aware, Minecraft version 1.11 was recently released. With it comes some new map features!

As previously discussed, we came to the conclusion that we should migrate everyone's builds to a new map. However quite a number of people were displeased that they may potentially be required to wait weeks for their builds to be transferred. This is due to migrating builds, or 'pasting' them, onto a new map is a tedious process.

To appease these folks, and hopefully make this process much easier for everyone all around, I've decided to migrate us to a new, 1.11 map, in a way that will not require us to do any of the 'migrating' steps.

Instead, we will simply be regenerating all unclaimed land on the map to 1.11 gradually throughout the month of December.

This means:

  • There will be no need to move items into a vault
  • All players will have their builds instantly
  • Regions will not need to be set again

But please note - All unclaimed land will be regenerated. This means if you do not want a piece of land to be regenerated, please claim it with /land.

Map regenerating will start as early as December 1st and may continue until December 31st. Regenerating the map is a gradual process, so do not expect completion until the end of December.

Additionally, any unclaimed land that is regenerated is not recoverable.

Finally - We'll be updating the server to 1.11 on Monday, November 28th. Please note that /Market will be unavailable following Monday until an update is released, so it'd be in your best interests to pull your items off of it!

Hopefully this change in plans makes everyone a bit more happy, if you have any questions do let us know
Howdy folks,

MineCove's cleanup process is moving along smoothly, you may have already noticed the increased performance output of our server (Hooray!)

We've just completed the second to last phase of the cleanup process, the clearing of regions and the subsequent refund for repurchasing of those regions.

Now, not only is it highly important that you reclaim your region, but also that you leave open the possibility for some potential complications. Namely - You go to claim your land and, uh oh, someone else has claimed over it! If this is the case, please do not assume it was intentional. Merely submitting a /modreq will result in your region troubles being resolved.

Once again -

If there are any complications with you reclaiming your land, please submit a /modreq and a staff member will help you

I would also like to take the time to thank the entire staff team for tirelessly collecting, logging, and calculating the region refunds. Without them we could never have proceeded with this enormous project. So be sure to thank your local staff member next you see one - They deserve it!

See you on the server!
Howdy folks!

I've some excellent news regarding our much awaited migration to a new map - It would seem that we can confidently expect Minecraft 1.11 to be released much sooner than anticipated - November 14th, 2016!

Now, per these new releases, we always get hit with a form of the question:

When are we updating?

While 1.11 will be released for clients, 1.11 for servers takes a bit longer to be released. Further, the plugins that run on our server such as your /homes, McMMO stats, regions, and the like - Those typically update the last. We don't update the server until all of our plugins are updated too.

If all goes accordingly, we can expect a map migration by the end of the year. The map cleanup will still continue on according to plan, and the map migration process will not begin until the map cleanup ends.

As always, this is all subject to change as Mojang's calendar is completely out of our control.

Thanks guys!
Hey all,

Do you know of an abandoned build you'd like to get rid of? How about seeing those unused starter homes that scatter the hills disappear? Or what about a region placed from a player that's long since left that's preventing you from expanding?

Now's your chance!

As we head towards the last couple months of the year, I feel it's the proper time to tidy up the server a bit. Much of this will rely on the requests from you, the players. Now. It's important to note that the cleanup will be composed of many phases, so be sure to read up fully!

Phase 1. Abandoned homes cleanup
Date: November 1st - November 15th
How it'll work:
During this phase, we'll be accepting modreqs to investigate what you believe to be abandoned homes. We'll check our logs, last online time, and use some other information to determine if the area meets our criteria for properly abandoned. This includes if the player had been online within a month's time. If the build is determined to be abandoned, the land that it sits on will be regenerated. If the build is not determined to be abandoned, it will be left alone. Please note that players cannot claim abandoned builds. If it's abandoned, it'll be regenerated. Finally, requests to have builds cleared will be closed on November 15th so make sure you get everything you want checked! We'll determine if builds are inactive or not following the request closure date on November 15th. This will effect all worlds.

If you would like a build to be investigated for abandonment, please simply file a /modreq at the location stating you would like it to be checked.

Phase 2. Chests and other containers unlocked
Date: November 16th
How it'll work:
On November 16th all containers that use /lock, /cprivate, or similar, will be unlocked. This will clear out much of the unused container locking database. Following the unlock, you will simply need to /lock and /cpersist to relock your containers. Rest assured - Even with...
Hey all!

Now, for a limited time, there is a Pokemon Card Trader available!

You can use /PokemonTrader to sell your Pokemon cards.

  • This card trader will come and go, meaning it's only here temporarily
  • The card trader will return some weeks or months in the future with different buy values
  • Some cards are being bought at significantly overvalued prices
  • Some cards are being bought at significantly undervalued prices
  • The only card that is not being bought is Weedle
The trader will disappear sometime during the first week of November

Good luck, and have fun guys!
Hey all,

Not too long ago a poll was created regarding if MineCove survival should move to a new map. Click here to review said poll and associated information.

The majority currently has voted to wait for the map migration until 1.11 is released. So, from here we'll plan to do just that!

Some important info regarding precisely when we might be able to migrate to a new map:

  • 1.11 currently has no set release date and was just announced last month. If we look at Mojang's release trend, we can probably estimate a stable 1.11 version to be released no later than Spring 2017. Keep in mind however, Mojang is typically inconsistent with releases. 1.11 may come much sooner, or it may come much later.
  • We not only need to wait for 1.11 to be released, but for a stable 1.11 server version to be available. This typically takes approximately a month following a version release date.
  • Finally, once a stable 1.11 server version is released, we need to ensure that all core plugins have also have stable updates. Typically most plugins are updated within a few weeks of a release, but in the past there have always been a few stragglers that take an additional 1 - 2 months to iron out.

Therefore, if we use a conservative estimate here, we should expect to move to a new map by Summer 2017.

Once again, this is a best estimation based on the limited information provided to us by Mojang. We may move sooner than this or later. It depends entirely on the operation of Mojang.

As new information comes out, we'll keep you updated.

Thanks guys!
Hey all,

A small but very important feature has been added to MineCove that warrants it's own announcement - The addition of the (Newbie) rank.

This new rank is obtainable only by new players who have joined the server. Further, this rank will last for only 3 hours. It's purpose is to allow any new players to stand out in chat so that they can receive better assistance from both the staff and the community. Typically following the initial 'Welcome to MineCove!', a new player is quickly forgotten. Further, they are frequently treated no differently than some of our veteran players wherein they are held to the impossible standard of having full knowledge of MineCove and it's workings. This isn't right and I know we can do better.

So I'd like to ask you, the community, to do the following - When you see a player with the (Newbie) tag, give them the benefit of the doubt. If they break a rule or make a poor judgement call, it's likely because they simply are unaware of our policies. Granted, there will be those few who join with the sole intent of causing a ruckus, but you leave those folks to the staff to handle ;)

Thank you guys - Lets see if we can make MineCove an even more inviting community!