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Hey everyone!

Happy April! MineCove's March Madness is finally over! Glad you managed to stick with us til the end.

As with the conclusion of a rather Maddening March, the following changes have been made:

  • Sales have ended (Buybuilds, Gallery, ABC ranks, etc)
  • MineCove's economy is open again (Thanks Astro!)
  • A new jumping McMMO skill has been added
  • Rank titles have been slightly adjusted

And last but not least - We're going to be releasing our new, custom, MineCove Website based game!

This is a project that Collin and I have been working in total secrecy on, having just last month finished the last bits so that a release version is now available for you to play. Please note - This is a non-Minecraft related game. We are looking to create an entirely new MMORPG and you have the opportunity to be one of the first players to join!

The game will work within your browser, no downloads are required. Please note that it may be a bit buggy.

Check it out here: Click to play Custom RPG for MineCove Version 1.0

Thanks guys! Please let us know your thoughts on March Madness and any feedback on our new custom game!
Hey MineCove!

The final update for March Madness - Wheew!

  • Added a limited time 'Troubling Portrait' to /market listings, infinite listings. After it is removed, it will never be sold by the server again
  • A MineCove Champion has been selected. The economy may return to normal if our Champion is able to complete the challenge
  • The MineCove Music bot on Discord will loop this until March Madness concludes
  • This is the last week of MineCove sales! Then the prices will change rapidly (increase), come April
  • The ABC rankup package was temporarily re-added to the webshop until March Madness ends
  • The new, Valphon bot is live on the server. It is still under heavy development, so it may not respond to queries and may make somewhat erratic comments at times. We're still working on getting it up to snuff!

Important to note: Following March Madness, all things currently on sale will increase in price inversely. (Ex. -10% discount now, +10% price tag later)

Enjoy everyone!
Hey MineCovians!

Yet another list of changes here, lots to do with Towns!

New town stuff! See /townperks for more information:
  • Custom town greeting/leaving messages
  • Additional town warps
  • Complimentary town boxes
  • /Changelog advertisement for towns
  • Broadcast advertisement for towns
  • Global mailer advertisement for towns
  • Biome changes for towns
  • Private flatmap for towns


  • Purchase a statue of any player for a mere 200k/ea
  • Statues measure 32 blocks high, 16 blocks long
  • Auto-magically renders any player's skin
  • Price will increase to 300k/ea following March Madness
  • Submit a modreq to purchase!

Additional updates:
  • Sales from last week continuing through this week
  • MobZone boxes permanently removed from /market
  • Lots of mob spawn eggs temporarily added to /market infinite listings
  • McMMO boxes added to /market infinite listings. Each drops 10 McMMO Credits
  • Max amount of mobs within a 20 block distance doubled from 25 to 50
  • Assorted minor changes you may or not notice!

Important to note: Following March Madness, all things currently on sale will increase in price inversely. (Ex. -10% discount now, +10% price tag later)

Have fun!
Hey everyone!

Another brief list of changes here with a clear theme - Sales!

  • All gallery paintings are -50% off listed price
  • All buybuilds are -50% off listed price
  • Hundreds of /heads are -50% off
  • Land purchases are approximately -30% off
  • Rankups are -10% off
  • Numerous new goodies temporarily added to /market infinite listings
  • A few other changes I'm certain you'll pick up!

Have fun guys!
Hey all!

To give you a brief rundown on some of the changes made:

  • Battlezone was added onto /mobzone. Here you can earn playerboxes. Try getting one!
  • Lottery is the only way to earn Lunas now. Additionally, voting adds 10x to the lottery pot
  • Redstone has been set back to default Minecraft values
  • 3,000+ items have been added
  • Priceless crates can no longer be purchased from the webshop
  • A few other changes you'll notice during your playtime!

Hey all,

We'll be postponing the March event until this Friday.

Remember - BIG things are coming!

Howdy folks!

I would like to take a quick moment to diffuse some of the rumored changes coming March 1st to put your minds at ease.

Here is what will not happen:

  • The economy will not be reset
  • No ranks will be reset
  • Crates will still function as normal

However, please do not interpret this as the value of Lunas will not change - It most certainly will, and consequently it would be wise for you to manage your finances carefully.

Thanks guys!
Hey everyone!

In just one week - Expect awesome things to be coming to MineCove on March 1st.

Without really getting into too much detail here, I'm pleased to vaguely share the following:

  • The value of your Lunas will increase substantially!
  • 500+ new valuable collectible items!
  • Tons of major, long requested, changes!

...And an additional major feature of certifiably insane proportions!

Be sure to keep a very close eye on MineCove come this March. More details will follow at the end of the month.

On a completely unrelated note, I was informed that today is a notable day for a small group of MineCovians - The 4th birthday of Nesscraft.

A brief history -

Nesscraft was a small, MineCove inspired Minecraft server, that sadly closed despite our best efforts. Following it's closure, MineCove purchased the rights to Nesscraft so that the players from Nesscraft could have a like-minded community to be a part of.

Awesomely enough, we have had a bunch of fantastic community members join us including mastercheif235 (Muggeh), Noble_Haloz (NobleIsBack), jordypie13, bugsypwnz (Snacks88), nicole_bug_eyes, CrazyApple_, and just in the recent months both zMagma and idotbubble have joined our community.

With that, I'd like us to reflect on the memory of the old Nesscraft server that brought us these irreplaceable community members to MineCove. They have all helped make MineCove the fantastic community that it is today.

Anyhow, that's all I have for now.
Remember - March 1st. Expect big things!
Creative will be undergoing maintenance on the 23rd, During this maintenance period new features will be added and existing features will be tweaked, this includes a map reset.
You can have your plot transferred over to the new map just leave a comment/reply with the following format filled out.
Plot ID(s):

As a reminder, Only the Creative server will have a map reset and will be going under maintenance.
Survival will remain unaffected

You can have more than one plot transferred.
Ranks will not be affected.
The creative server will be down for a period of time on the 23rd, around 2-3 Hours, depending on the amount of plots needing transferring.
To get your plot pasted in (On the 23rd and onwards), simply submit a modreq in creative, with your Plot ID named and the location of the modreq being where you want it placed.
Any other questions please leave below.