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New pets are available on survival! Unlike the old pet system where mobs would simply follow you around, these pets now:

Have an experience system
An array of skills
Quite a bit more functionality!

Pets must now be captured by using a lead. However, pets that can be captured are limited by ABC ranks. Check the ABC rank rooms to see what you are able to capture.

Let us know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see expanded!

The Minecove Staff

Hey all!

Much like the annoucement to celebrate MineCove's Inception Month, August marks 5 years since we first entered Beta Phase!
Beta-phase traditionally refers to the time period in which much testing is performed to adequately assess whether things are up to snuff. This period was incredibly important for MineCove as it greatly shaped what MineCove is today more than any other time period!

So what do we have planned for this month?

Rather than events as we saw in July, this month we have a simple 5 step program for you to follow as we come within 30 days of September!

  1. Log on to survival at least once during this month before August 30th. Just one time. You won't be able to after September.
  2. Double check that your item storage is well organized
  3. Join a town. It'll expand your options in September.
  4. No, seriously. Join a town.
  5. Save up your McMMO credits.

Thanks guys - See you in September!
Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to announce a handful of new buybuilds on top of our current buybuild library.

Some of these are a bit more expensive, but should provide a nice little selection of new buybuilds for you all to purchase. Below is the list of new buybuild warps that you can purchase:

/warp CottageHouse
/warp TowerHome
/warp MasterInn
/warp BlackSmithTower
/warp Brickhouse
/warp Castle2
/warp Barn
/warp Barracks
/warp FarmHome
/warp MillHouse
/warp SmallShip
/warp AdiaTower
/warp DevilNurse
/warp PegasusMan
/warp SquidMan
/warp FairyLake
/warp SkyBattleShip
/warp Wolf
/warp DragonSword
/warp GiantWarrior
/warp Arena
/warp Rainnyday
/warp RichmansHome
/warp Lakehouse
/warp acaciaTree
/warp MushRoomReaper
/warp DragonFire
/warp Gunslinger
/warp Pokeball
/warp SandTown
/warp SandCastle
/warp Clocktower
/warp Hanger
/warp DarkCastle
/warp WeekendHouse

Thanks guys, enjoy!
Hey all!

With the MineCove Road project now completed, MineCove is now offering cars for all players to purchase. These are completely functional vehicles that you can sit in, drive around, and even take a friend in the back seat!

Cars can be purchased using the in-game interface, /buycar. Currently the following colors are listed:

Brown Car
Gray Car
Blue Car
Orange Car
Green Car
Yellow Car
Red Car

Additionally, each of these cars have their own stats. You can check these out in game with the /buycar menu.

As with real world vehicles, MineCove cars run on fuel. You'll need to purchase an time-based allowance of fuel with /buyfuel.

Finally - If you'd like a free brown car, until July 14th you can make a post on our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/602232153137311/

Please note that accounts made after the promotion started or fake accounts will not be added to the group.

Thanks everyone, have fun driving around!
Hey everyone!

A lesser known bit of MineCove history -
MineCove was first devised, named, and worked on July 2012
Our Beta-Phase occured during the month of August 2012
As most of you are aware, MineCove officially opened September 1st 2012

That means MineCove is closing in on being 5 years old. Half a decade!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we'll be running some awesome promotions over the next three months.

To start, the following are in effect:

  • Vote crates have been revamped! New prizes include Grand Blocks, 6 Hour Potions, and brand new Gear sets. Drop rates are also increased for this month!

  • You can now redeem FIVE collectors items for tons of Lunas! Check /changelog in-game to see which of these there are. Additionally, all Player Boxes will now drop 1 collectors item - None will be empty!

  • There are now Shiny Pokemon cards! Shiny cards are extremely rare, but for the month of July all Shiny Pokemon cards now have a 2x flip rate!

  • The afk kicker is disabled for ALL players!

Lots more on the way!

So stay tuned and be sure to check in frequently as we get closer to our official 5 year birthday - September 1st!

Thanks all!
Hey all,

We're now fully updated to 1.12. With this comes parrots, concrete blocks, terracotta, and a score of other features.

The only major resource that appears to be needing an update is /modreq. For now, please use the @Moderator or @Admin tags on our Discord if you need any staff help. You can join our Discord here if you have not already: https://discord.gg/RqpSbaR

Thanks everyone!
Hey everyone,

We've been allowing everyone to test drive the vehicles at /spawn. We're just about ready for them to be purchasable, however, first we need roads built for these cars to drive on!

In order for cars to be available for players, roads throughout MineCove must be constructed. In addition, these roads must meet rigid criteria for safe driving.

To start, all roads must meet the following specifications:

  • The road must be 13 blocks wide
  • The black road/asphalt must be made out of Coal Block
  • The yellow center marker must be made out of Yellow Stained Clay
  • The border surrounding the road, which is 1 block higher than the rest of the road, must be made out of Cyan Stained Clay

Illustration below -


Example of an in game road can be found at /warp roadexample


With exception to the road within 100 blocks of /Spawn, all roads must sit on or below ground level
All roads must have at least 5 blocks of air above them
Turns must be gradual, not abrupt corners (Check /warp roadturnexample)
Slopes must be built using stone slabs as the stairs (Check /warp roadstairexample)
Roads cannot have any impurities - The entire length must meet the above specifications and item requirements
Use of tunnels is advised to avoid having to dig out an entire mountain
You're welcome to branch off the road or redirect the road to go through your town, just so long as it meets the other ends of the road noted below

Where to find resources:

Coal blocks can be found via conventional methods or you can use /roadexchange where you can trade in ores and common blocks for coal blocks directly

Stained clay is commonly found in Mesa biomes, however prestiged players will have additional access to an abundant amount of stained clay in the Prestige World

Protecting the road:

When you've finished a significant segment of the road, submit a...
Hey everyone!

All unflipped Pokemon cards now have a chance to be any of the Gen #2 Pokemon. To pair with the release of Gen #2, we also have a collectors contest running until May 25th!

Check out the contest here: https://minecove.net/threads/may-2017-monthly-contest.11637/#post-48625

As a side note, expect to see quite a slew of new features to be released over the course of this month.

Have fun collecting!
Hey everyone,

On Monday, April 24th we will be resetting the Nether and The End. Nothing else will be reset.

Please ensure that you have cleared out anything that you had kept in the Nether or The End by this date.

The Nether and The End have both been reset!
Hey all,

Over the month of March we saw something that has never occurred before - There were practically no rewards for voting.

Money from voting had been removed, hourly online payments were gone, /fly was freely available for the full month. You had your afk kicker certainly, but really, what good was it when crates and hourly payments had been removed for March Madness?

Indeed, we saw a drop in votes because of this, however there were still some exemplary members in the community who voted anyway. Not out of reward, but out of support for MineCove. The purpose of this post is to recognize each of these individuals and give them all some special, albeit delayed, rewards.

  • To be deemed a dedicated voter, one had to obtain 31 total votes, or an average of one vote per day for March
  • Since our staff must obtain 100 votes monthly, they will have 100 deducted from their scores and the excess counted
  • Votes will be per single account only. Alts simply cannot be factored in due to the complexities of shared IP addresses
  • This count was taken at about 11pm EST, March 31st

We'll start with our top voter and work our way downwards, ties sorted alphabetically:

1. Satsao @ 249 votes
2. Jeff @ 243 votes
3. Durmack @ 237 votes
4. Xerlk @ 237 votes
5. Zakurab @ 181 votes
6. Seirra259 @ 176 votes
7. Demonic_Outage @ 175 votes
8. Nobilityy @ 167
9. Junebirds @ 150 votes
10. Trufflehunter_ @ 146 votes
11. d0ct0rwh00ves @ 145 votes
12. xxpinecone @ 145 votes
13. 1StormDragon @ 133 votes
14. Max9874 @ 132 votes
15. Drduckdodgers @ 128 votes
16. argyl @ 127 votes
17. ajgreen03 @ 122 votes
18. mentaldaveuk @ 122 votes
19. MuadDib3 @ 109 votes
20. SilkSpider @ 108 votes
21. GRIM11b @ 105 votes
22. stefanwang0904 @ 105 votes
23. Haynzie @ 101 votes
24. Neonslayeer @ 100 votes
25. Adub_Mayhem19 @ 99 votes
26. Cheerily @ 91 votes
27. llamaOrBust @ 90 votes
28. rkpkid1997 @ 85 votes
29. Tyetus @ 83 votes
30. miniDeathStriker @ 80 votes