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Join a community, not a server. MineCove is a professional, family oriented atmosphere. We strive for fun, fair, and kind play. Survival, Creative, and Minigames.

Monthly contests are being completely rehashed with some new tweaks to spice things up!

First off! Prizes. There are now twelve prizes for the winner of each contest to choose from. Once a prize has been chosen once, that prize becomes unavailable for the rest of the MineCove Calendar Year.

A MineCove Calendar Year starts in September, MineCove's birthday!

The prizes are as follows:
  • /fix for all users
  • /fly for all users
  • No air in playerboxes + 3 active collector's items
  • McMMO triple XP event in survival and farmzone + McMMO cooldowns halved
  • Votes needed for a VoteParty reduced to 10 + Double drop rates from votecrates
  • ABC rankup costs reduced by 25%
  • /land, Buybuild, and Painting prices reduced by 30%
  • -15% Webshop sale
  • +50% Contest Tokens awarded at the end of next month's contest
  • Unlimited car fuel for all players
  • Double shiny pokemon drop rates + access to /kit Pokemon for all players
  • All players can activate /boost effects for free

Also, there will be more Contest Tokens up for grabs, as well as all-new Contest Trophies!
These will be awarded to the top 4 teams as follows:

1st: 40 Contest Tokens + 'Diamond' Contest Trophy
2nd: 30 Contest Tokens + 'Emerald' Contest Trophy
3rd: 20 Contest Tokens + 'Gold' Contest Trophy
4th: 10 Contest Tokens + 'Iron' Contest Trophy​

On top of this, each team that makes a genuine submission will receive 1 Contest Token!

Second! We will provide a special monthly contest flatmap for you to build your submissions. You can enter it with /contest. Contest submissions must be located in /contest, but if you just feel like building freely there that is fine too. Please note that at the conclusion of the contest phase this map will be removed.

In the special map, there is an expansive 100k x 100k border limit. Regions can be placed for free here, but you are only allowed one region. Using alts to bypass this is...
To celebrate our 5th year, it's proper that we have an event that will last the rest of the year!

During the months September, October, November, and December we will be running four very special contests. Each month the contest will be different from the last. They will be challenging.

But what makes these exceptional?

The prizes for EACH month are as follows:

1st place - A $500 Amazon Giftcard
2nd place - A $250 Amazon Giftcard
3rd place - A $100 Amazon Giftcard

Thinking you might not have a chance against some of our seasoned players?

There's good news!

Any player can only place ONCE. That means if someone places 1st, 2nd, OR 3rd in September, they are not eligible to place for any of the other contests.

No less than 12 MineCovians will be winning a significant prize!

Now, naturally a contest of this nature has special rules and policies.

This is for responsible players only. Anyone who is not a responsible player will be disqualified from all contests of this nature permanently. You are a responsible player if you:
  1. Remain a good sport in the event that you do not win
  2. Remain a good sport even if you do win
  3. Play fairly and responsibly*

Where playing fairly is concerned, we will not allow any kind of cheating or exploiting. This includes but is not limited to any forms of automation. Please be authentic in your submissions. We will have a zero tolerance for this.
As far as being responsible goes, you are not to behave in an unhealthy manner. This may sound odd. We understand that a $500 grand prize is substantial. Some of you may be inclined to miss school, work, or sleep over this. If we come to find that this is the case for you, you will be permanently disqualified from all contests of this nature.

With all of that being said, we know some will not abide by these terms. We will end up having to disqualify some players. Some will be poor sports about losing, some may go as far as to cheat. Please...
Road system

Originally, MineCove's road system was built on top of an already built up map. This resulted in some odd problems and some fairly creative solutions to resolve them

For our new map, this road is placed down initially. It goes straight from the center of the map outwards in each compass direction

  • The North Road is Red
  • The East Road is Green
  • The South Road is Blue
  • The West Road is Yellow

The color coding on these roads exists in the road barrier like so. Additionally, a wall exists to assist in identification if it wasn't readily apparent

In a nutshell, the highway on MineCove's new map is already completed.

Now, we know there was a group of players who enjoyed building the road. This time around, instead of building the road itself, players are welcome to build the following for the road:

  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Points of interest

Please note that you cannot 'own' a section of the road, meaning it will always be a server project.

Upon completion of a road section, players entering that area will be alerted to your contributions!

Private roads may be built that connect to the main road, however these do not need to meet any specifications. It would be in your best interests however to build them sensibly!

Shops on the road

Along the road you'll find some special shops that buy/sell items or Pokemon cards. Keep an eye out for these!

Minecove Staff Team!
Market Place

At the very center of MineCove's map will now exist the market place. The new market place will contain 32 shop plots divided into 8 block areas. The current block areas are:


Keep in mind each ore type is merely for organizational purposes.

At this time you pay purchase a shop plot for 100,000 Lunas. Note that you own the shop plot outright until one of these conditions are met:

- You become inactive for a period over one week
- Your shop remains consistently empty or unused
- You are banned or otherwise unable to access your shop

Once your shop becomes inactive, it is relisted for 100,000. Anything left within the shop area is permanently cleared. You may resell your shop plot to another user for a price you determine, but keep in mind you only get one shop per user.

The Minecove Staff
New pets are available on survival! Unlike the old pet system where mobs would simply follow you around, these pets now:

Have an experience system
An array of skills
Quite a bit more functionality!

Pets must now be captured by using a lead. However, pets that can be captured are limited by ABC ranks. Check the ABC rank rooms to see what you are able to capture.

Let us know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see expanded!

The Minecove Staff

Hey all!

Much like the annoucement to celebrate MineCove's Inception Month, August marks 5 years since we first entered Beta Phase!
Beta-phase traditionally refers to the time period in which much testing is performed to adequately assess whether things are up to snuff. This period was incredibly important for MineCove as it greatly shaped what MineCove is today more than any other time period!

So what do we have planned for this month?

Rather than events as we saw in July, this month we have a simple 5 step program for you to follow as we come within 30 days of September!

  1. Log on to survival at least once during this month before August 30th. Just one time. You won't be able to after September.
  2. Double check that your item storage is well organized
  3. Join a town. It'll expand your options in September.
  4. No, seriously. Join a town.
  5. Save up your McMMO credits.

Thanks guys - See you in September!
Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to announce a handful of new buybuilds on top of our current buybuild library.

Some of these are a bit more expensive, but should provide a nice little selection of new buybuilds for you all to purchase. Below is the list of new buybuild warps that you can purchase:

/warp CottageHouse
/warp TowerHome
/warp MasterInn
/warp BlackSmithTower
/warp Brickhouse
/warp Castle2
/warp Barn
/warp Barracks
/warp FarmHome
/warp MillHouse
/warp SmallShip
/warp AdiaTower
/warp DevilNurse
/warp PegasusMan
/warp SquidMan
/warp FairyLake
/warp SkyBattleShip
/warp Wolf
/warp DragonSword
/warp GiantWarrior
/warp Arena
/warp Rainnyday
/warp RichmansHome
/warp Lakehouse
/warp acaciaTree
/warp MushRoomReaper
/warp DragonFire
/warp Gunslinger
/warp Pokeball
/warp SandTown
/warp SandCastle
/warp Clocktower
/warp Hanger
/warp DarkCastle
/warp WeekendHouse

Thanks guys, enjoy!
Hey all!

With the MineCove Road project now completed, MineCove is now offering cars for all players to purchase. These are completely functional vehicles that you can sit in, drive around, and even take a friend in the back seat!

Cars can be purchased using the in-game interface, /buycar. Currently the following colors are listed:

Brown Car
Gray Car
Blue Car
Orange Car
Green Car
Yellow Car
Red Car

Additionally, each of these cars have their own stats. You can check these out in game with the /buycar menu.

As with real world vehicles, MineCove cars run on fuel. You'll need to purchase an time-based allowance of fuel with /buyfuel.

Finally - If you'd like a free brown car, until July 14th you can make a post on our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/602232153137311/

Please note that accounts made after the promotion started or fake accounts will not be added to the group.

Thanks everyone, have fun driving around!
Hey everyone!

A lesser known bit of MineCove history -
MineCove was first devised, named, and worked on July 2012
Our Beta-Phase occured during the month of August 2012
As most of you are aware, MineCove officially opened September 1st 2012

That means MineCove is closing in on being 5 years old. Half a decade!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we'll be running some awesome promotions over the next three months.

To start, the following are in effect:

  • Vote crates have been revamped! New prizes include Grand Blocks, 6 Hour Potions, and brand new Gear sets. Drop rates are also increased for this month!

  • You can now redeem FIVE collectors items for tons of Lunas! Check /changelog in-game to see which of these there are. Additionally, all Player Boxes will now drop 1 collectors item - None will be empty!

  • There are now Shiny Pokemon cards! Shiny cards are extremely rare, but for the month of July all Shiny Pokemon cards now have a 2x flip rate!

  • The afk kicker is disabled for ALL players!

Lots more on the way!

So stay tuned and be sure to check in frequently as we get closer to our official 5 year birthday - September 1st!

Thanks all!
Hey all,

We're now fully updated to 1.12. With this comes parrots, concrete blocks, terracotta, and a score of other features.

The only major resource that appears to be needing an update is /modreq. For now, please use the @Moderator or @Admin tags on our Discord if you need any staff help. You can join our Discord here if you have not already: https://discord.gg/RqpSbaR

Thanks everyone!